Keeping the dream alive..


The Keeping the Dream Alive - All Day Party took place on Saturday 13th August at the Mica Centre,

 38A High St, West Mersea. There was food and drink, a raffle in aid of the radio-ship the MV Ross Revenge,

live music from Something For the Weekend' and 'Cafe Musica' plus merchandise stalls by the RNLI,

HM Coastguard, Radio Caroline and others.


Tommy Gerrard centre and Lee Shuttlewood right




Photos from the Balmoral on its  cruise

around the Ross Revenge, June 2016





Ross Revenge crew take part in a Firefighting course



George Johnson doing a good job



Derek May steady at first..


Then full blast


Keith Stimpson has a go..



Steve Swallow, Fire Training Instructor


Roger Day' Celebrates 50 Years

Guests Derek May, Keith Stimpson, Rob Ashard and Gordon Smith


The man himself Roger "Twiggy" Day


The grand gathering



Radio Caroline Racing Car at Brands Hatch


 David Cornwallis, the driver of the Radio Caroline Racing  car and Tony Christian


 David Cornwallis and Caroline DJ Rob Ashard







Radio Caroline at the Cotswold Exhibition 2017


The Caroline merchandise table table at the Cotswold Motoring Museum

with Howard Coppitch (right) and Edward


The Museum is celebrating  1967 Flower Power and Psychedelia at The Cotswold Motor Museum.

Mandy Marton with the golden locks


The Caroline merchandise table table at the Cotswold Motoring Museum


Radio Caroline's retro studio



Radio Caroline at the Cotswold Exhibition 2016


David Esp, Viviane Beaney, Mike Brill, Phil Meek, Howard Copitch, Keith Stimpson and Derek May


Howard Copitch



Derek May being interviewed by Howard Copitch


Group with Bella the Outside Broadcast Unit


Rob Eden makes a visit


Mike Brill arriving with Bella and our revamped studio with a new DJ!



Our revamped studio with a new DJ!


Clive Garrard visiting the Radio Caroline studio exhibit at the Cotswold Motor Museum



Mini Caroline Ships

Narrow boat Ron

Another picture from one of Caroline’s faithful listeners, Ron Hubbert (R.I.P)  commonly

called narrowboat Ron. this is a photo of his narrowboat "Caroline" complete with bell in bright

 sunshine tied up in one of the beautiful canals of England. If you have a similar photo please send

it to me at

Tommy Gerrard is seen doing a bit of "rust bashing" on his own boat with the same name as

Caroline's old ship Mi Amigo


Tommy is now looking forward to meeting the owner of this other vessel to share some stories

of pirate radio stations from the past. 


Tug boat Challenge


Tug boat Challenger 1990

Tug Boat Challenge that is now in Southampton? There is a big link to offshore radio of the 1960s,

in that she helped to tow all of the Sea Forts into place in WW2

Ross Revenge mast sections are already in use

Sections of the Ross Revenge mast are already being sent out and there is a section in Caroline

 listener PJs Special Music Radio studio in Weymouth. The mast is a bit too big to stay on

the desk and will be relocated to another area of his house.

He is proud to own a piece of Radio Caroline’s history.




Mystery photo on the Ross Revenge


The three young lads in the mast are my former Radio Monique/819 colleagues.

Erwin van der Bliek, Walter Simons and Colin Peters


Top of the mast is Tony Allan with Peter Clayton giving instructions?