Live Broadcasts from the Ross Revenge

Weekend February 16th to 17th


Johnny Lewis


Dave Foster


Ray Clark close up!


Peter Phillips doing what he does best


Kevin Turner on Sunday morning


Dave Foster


Dave Foster


Ray Clark setting things up


 Jenny, Jody and Julie from Rock Goddess are here to visit and record an interview ahead of the release of their new album ‘This Time’. They are accompanied by Greg and Steevi from Cats In Space


Johnny Lewis


Kevin Turner thinks the DTI are still on the prowl


Safely on board Friday evening

Johnny Lewis, Peter Phillips, Kevin Turner and Dave Foster


Tasty meal on land before the trip to the Ross on Friday

Weekend January 19th to 20th

Peter Philips standing tall on the Ross Revenge


Kevin Turner ready for Sundays broadcast


Very busy River Blackwater


Steve Anthony and Dave Foster


Kevin Turner making a welcomed return


Peter Philips and Johnny Lewis enjoying the sunshine



(L to r) Steve Anthony, Johnny Lewis, Kevin Turner, Dave Foster and Peter Philips

On their way to the Ross on Friday evening January 18th