December 9th/10th


Mark and Reg Eden


Mark Eden, Paul Brown and Nick Farrant


November 18th/19th

Roland blending in to the Ross



Keith Stimpson, Roland Beaney, Paul Brown and Roger Tricker


Some of our work where we painted the overhangs


October 22nd/23rd

 George Scullion, Steve Swallow,  George Johnson, Mike Webb and Paul Brown


Bridge flooring now spic and span


September 16th/17th


July 16th/17th 2017

Six members of the Ross Revenge restoration crew were on board the Radio Caroline ship on the weekend of 16th 17th July. Pictures show the crew, some of the areas that have received a fresh coat of paint and visitors that came out on Sunday.  You can visit the ship by going to  and looking for the boat trip information page.