Photos of events and processions over the last 88 years

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Photo 01

Raods "Majorettes" led by Beryl Knight in 1966


Photo 02

Romsey Ladies Circle in one of the Romsey carnivals.

Joyce Rolfe is driving with co driver being Pam Oakley and lady back left is Nancy Bell


Photo 1

Pat Callen (Pearce) Bed Race 1969 Banning Street, Tadburn Stream


Photo 2

Bed Race 1969 Banning Street, Tadburn Stream


Photo 3

Sam Porter in Bed Race, Romsey By-pass 1969


Photo 4

Bed Race 1969 Banning Street, Tadburn Stream


Photo 5

Bed Race 1969 Banning Street, Tadburn Stream


Photo 6

Bed Race 1969 in the Horsefair by the Star Inn


Photo 8

Wills Nurseries in 1978. 5th from left Valerie White and 6th from left Brian Hallett


Photo 9

Reema lorry turning into Latimer St from The Hundred


Photo 10

Rod Briggs is the one in the back of a Wrynams pick up, with the eye patch and next to him,

also dressed as a pirate holding a sword is David Powell.

Hanging over the tailgate (right) is Alan Gritt. All 3  boys were Chambers Ave lads !!


Photo 11

2nd go cart from left is Rod Briggs & Andy Wiggins whose parents ran Whitenap store in Botley Road

 for many years. 4th from left is Roy Lambert being pushed by Christopher Tizzard.

5th from left is Sally Ann Edwards (as she was then) being pushed by her sister Sandra,


Photo 12

Carnival Queen, Jane Edwards and Mrs Malphas shaking hands with  Jane Sillence

of the ladies football team, 1969


Photo 13

Christine Edwards, Mrs Malphas and Jane Edwards, 1969


Photo 14

Ladies football match 1969


Photo 15

Start of wheelbarrow race Durban Close, 1964 (Brian Osman and Pete Kidgell centre)

Lady far right with glasses is Pamela Palmer.  Girl by her side short hair and shorts is Nicola Robin (nee Palmer)


Photo 16

Carnival Queen Elizabeth Lambert starting the wheelbarrow race Durban Close, 1964


Photo 17

Latimer St 1967. Zoo keeper is John Glasspool. Inside the spider were Fred Gritt and Dave Crombie

All three worked at Redland Tiles, Michelmersh


Photo 18

The whole team from previous photo,

L/R:- Fred Gritt, Dave Crombie, John Glasspool and Dave Windebank in 1967


Photo 19

Reema float with Brenda Bird left and Sue Summerton right in Latimer St, 1967


Photo 20

Latimer St 1967, Russell Vane centre


Photo 21

Wheelbarrow race Horsefair, 1964, Wally Wassell and Len Levy


Photo 21a

Molly Irvine, Angie Reeves and Diane Solloway winning the wheelbarrow race 1974


Photo 22

Carnival Darts at the Crosfield Hall 1970.

Carnival Queen Jessica Edwards with Helen Collis on her right and Julie Mason on her left


Photo 23

Crosfield Hall Carnival darts 1970


Photo 24

Crosfield Hall Carnival darts 1970 Cross Keys Ladies team winners

L/R:- Maggie Watkinson, Dot Philips, ??, Maud Holloway, ?? and ??


Photo 26

Carnival darts winners the Newport Inn, 1970

L/R:- ??, Brian Wood, Fred Bundy, ??, Rusty Smith and Brian Parsons


Photo 27

Strongs float on the Romsey  By-pass


Photo 28


Photo 29

T-birds by Raods 1968. Bob Mettyer inside box unit


Photo 30

Woodley cub pack in the Hundred 1968


Photo 31

Near the Sawyers pub in the Hundred 1968


Photo 32

Ladies on horses from left Carole Barrett and Pamela Shephard (Barnes) 1968


Photo 33



Photo 34

1968 with Wendy Williams (Harrison)


Photo 35

Romsey Boys Club 1968


Photo 36

Nice Hillman Minx


Photo 37

Humpty Dumpty float by the Pearce (Bakery) and White families

L to R:- Paul White, ??, "Humpty Dumpty" unknown, Ronnie Consterdine (nee White),

Peter White and Marilyn Cocks (nee White)



Photo 38

John Byrne fella on left


Photo 39

The three young cave women appear to include Marilin 'Mandy'

Moore on the left with long hair and Anne Bell in the centre.


TK Bedford Fire Engine 1968


Wrynams 1968

Photo 40

Wrynams float in 1968

L/R:- Lena Bailey, Sue Shergold, ? ?, Stan Gardener and Jack Stallard


Wrynams Carnival entry 1970

Photo 41

Wrynams Social Club entry about 1970 in Duttons Rd


Wrynams Carnival entry 1970

Photo 42

Wrynams Social Club entry about 1970 leaving workshops in Winchester Rd


Photo 43

Finale at the Sports Centre, Wrynams garage entry 1968


Photo 44

21st Itchen Scouts 1968


Photo 45

South Coast Diaries, Bill Fairlie right. 1968


Photo 45b

Baddesley Barnstormers float 1980/81

Stood L-R:- Dennis Bryant, Julie Rawlings & Samantha Jones

Seated L/R:- ??, Mary Bower & ??


Photo 46

Old Cadets with their controversial Donald Duck outfits 1986


Photo 47

Old House at Home entry in 1986


Photo 48


Photo 49

Where carnival procession finished for many years on Romsey By-Pass. This was 1959


Photo 50


The Carnival that never was. Romsey Carnival Queen and attendants 1939. Olive Pound of 10, Duttons Road, Muriel Sheppard of 108, The Hundred, Margaret Taylor of 6, Bridge Road, Joan Eldridge of 27, Malmesbury Road and Laura Dawkins of 22, Lansdowne Close. Chosen in August 1939 only a fortnight before the Second World War the carnival was cancelled (Thanks to Chas Burnett for photo and info)


Photo 51

Very old Carnival in the Horsefair 1902


Photo 52

Old Cadets very first carnival in 1963