Forest Folk Festival

Cotsolds Museum

Caroline Mini Ships

Roger Day 50th

Ross Old Mast Sections

Cambridge Rock Festival 2018

New Forest Folk Festival 2018

Dean Friedman visits the Radio Caroline sales stall at the New Forest Folk Festival.

stood between Keith Aggis  and Geri Hampshire


Viv Beaney, Geri Hampshire and Keith Aggis


DLT lookalike..


Roland Beaney (center) with Radio Caroline ticket winners to the show



The two ticket winners




The famous Julie Felix sat at table chatting




Steeleye Span perfoming




Radio Caroline flying their flag


Geri Hampshire


Keith Aggis



Radio Caroline at the Cotswold Exhibition











Radio Caroline at the Cotswold Exhibition 2018

A group of Caroline supporters  again spent the weekend at the Radio Caroline retro studio in the Cotswold Motor Museum at Bourton on the Water in Gloucestershire on July 21st-22nd.

The Cotswold Motoring Museumís collections are full of vehicles, toys and memorabilia from a bygone age. Maybe youíll find a classic car just like the one you learned to drive in, or a vintage motorbike that reminds you of the one you used to ride. Does that 1970s caravan bring back memories of long, lazy family holidays?


Merchandise stall out in the open with Keith Aggis and Geri Hampshire 2018


Radio Caroline DJ Ray Collins visits "Caroline's" retro studio at the Cotswold Motor Museum on 16th July 2018


Entrance to gift shop 2018




Howard Copitch and Stuart Henry 2018




Latest retro studio layout May 2018



Roger Day' Celebrates 50 Years 1967 - 2017

Guests Derek May, Keith Stimpson, Rob Ashard and Gordon Smith


The man himself Roger "Twiggy" Day


The grand gathering

Mini Caroline Ships

Narrow boat Ron

Another picture from one of Carolineís faithful listeners, Ron Hubbert (R.I.P)  commonly

called narrowboat Ron. this is a photo of his narrowboat "Caroline" complete with bell in bright

 sunshine tied up in one of the beautiful canals of England. If you have a similar photo please send

it to me at

Tommy Gerrard (R.I.P) is seen doing a bit of "rust bashing" on his own boat with the same name as

Caroline's old ship Mi Amigo


Tommy was now looking forward to meeting the owner of this other vessel to share some stories

of pirate radio stations from the past. 


Tug boat Challenge

Tug boat Challenger 1990

Tug Boat Challenge that is now in Southampton? There is a big link to offshore radio of the 1960s,

in that she helped to tow all of the Sea Forts into place in WW2

Ross Revenge mast sections are already in use

Sections of the Ross Revenge mast are already being sent out and there is a section in Caroline

 listener PJs Special Music Radio studio in Weymouth. The mast is a bit too big to stay on

the desk and will be relocated to another area of his house.

He is proud to own a piece of Radio Carolineís history.