Dave Foster

Dave Foster

 Interview by Roland Beaney in September 2008

Where and when were you born? - I was born in Dartford. I made the local paper as I was one of Two baby's born in the same hospital on the same day 29th Feb 1960.

Where do you live now? - I still live in Dartford in a little place called Stone near to Blue Water. I call it the dead centre of Stone as I live next to a grave yard.

What is your favourite part of the country? - I would have to say Liverpool The people are so friendly and the Beatle connection. I just love it.

How did you get into radio? - I joined a hospital radio station in 1977 and met like minded people we had a dabble in Pirate radio.

When did you first join Caroline? - I was lucky enough to join Radio Caroline in 1987 on the Ross Revenge with that fantastic 300ft mast.

Have you got any special memories about your days at sea on the Ross? - The Whole trip was special for me it was something I had wanted to do for a long time. I think the guys I worked with Kevin Turner, Peter Phillips and I even got to meet the big boss, I never thought that would happen.

What other radio stations have you been involved with? - The biggest one had to be EKR But I have done a lot of RSL's and some small pirate stations too.

What are your earliest memories of Caroline? - I remember hearing Caroline as a school boy but not knowing much about it. The time that sticks in my mind has to be the 70s We had Caroline on at home all the time. it was then I understood it came from a ship out at sea that made it even more special.

What's your favourite station other than Caroline? - I would have to say Radio1 there is just nothing out there.

Who is the most famous person that you have met? - I met Pierce Brosnan In London One lunch time we just shock hands and said hello.

What is the best and worst thing about radio today? - The best thing is that Caroline is still there doing it Maybe not a big as it was but I don't think you can beat it's diversity in it programming and music. The worst thing about radio today is non of them are playing anything daring any more it's all the same old safe pap. In some cases the playlist is only one song apart from one station to another.

How much music freedom do you have on Caroline? - With Radio Caroline you can work it two ways use the playlist and put your choice and requests around or just go with your heart. There is no one saying you have to play this or that. I would say that all of the presenters on Caroline have a complete free choice.

What's your most embarrassing or funny moments? - I think when I worked for the hospital radio station. We were out on an OB ( Outside Broadcast ) I turned up late and walked into the tent and said Who's the big fat bird on the stall? It turned out to be the engineers girlfriend.

What do you do for your day job and relaxation? - I work as a control room engineer within the BBC World Service for a communications company. When I'm at home you will usually find me on the computer working on something usually for Caroline to sell on the web shop. I love to go out for a curry and I go to the pub to do a quiz and have a beer with some friends. I also go to a fair few gigs with my mate and Caroline presenter Marc Griffiths, so over the last couple of years we have been to 11 gigs.

What's your favourite food? - Any thing from Fish and chips to curry I love food

What do you dislike doing the most? - Any kind of shopping.

Who would you like to get stuck with on a desert Island?- ' Beyonce' Pamela Anderson, just send any beautiful woman you can think of.

What's the most important thing that you learnt about radio?- Radio is very one to one. Never think about how many are listening as it doesn't matter if there is only one person listening, at the of the day you have done your job.

What was the first record you bought?- I think it was John Lennon Instant Karma

What are your favourite bands and who is your hero? - Well I think everybody knows it's the Beatles and my hero has to be Paul McCartney. Between the Beatles & McCartney some of the worlds best known songs have been written. I only wish I could have done it.

What are your top 5 favourite tunes? - Music has become part of my every day life. I like some Classical, Jazz, Rock, Rap, Dance. I couldn't Possibly pick five favourite songs. Sorry

When did you last go on board the Ross Revenge? - I think I was on the Ross for the listeners top 500 part 2. I love to be on the ship it's great to catch up with the crew and see what they have fixed since the last time you were on. We also catch up on a few beers too

What plans have you for the future? - I want to get as rich as I can. I'll still do Caroline and with the technology today I could be anywhere in the world. Dream on, I'll just carry on working till I can't anymore and still do Caroline till I can't anymore and do as many things as I can before it all ends.

Thank you Dave for your interview. I hope it doesn’t end too soon as we love to hear your programmes on Caroline. You certainly enjoy a varied range of music and I guess it would be difficult for you to chose five favourite tunes.

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