Johnny Lewis

 Interview by Roland Beaney.

Where were you born? I was born in Ipswich Suffolk

Where do you live now? Home of this years Golf Open. Sandwich, Kent

What is your favourite part of the Country? - East Kent we are so lucky where i live. it's in the country and near the sea.We also have some lovely village pubs selling great local real als. mind you i do like Cornwall

How did you get into radio? Going out on boat trips to the Mi Amigo with Albert and Georgina Hood. Went' on the ship to help out for 2 weeks and the rest is history!

When and why did you first join Caroline? I'd always had an interest in Music and Radio. hen the opportunity came to help out on the Mi Amigo in 1978 i took it. My first show was 8 to 10pm on april 17th 1979

What other radio stations have you been involved with?   Lots' Laser, Voice of Peace, Sunshine Radio, Radio Nova Dublin. ABC Radio Waterford, South Coast Radio Cork, Local ILR, Radio Wyvern, Invicta Radio Kent, Essex and Breeze AM. Now on kmfm in Kent on Breakfast

What are your earliest memories of Caroline?   Roger Day on Breakfast in 1967, he was and still is great.

What's your favourite station other than Caroline?   kmfm and Radio 2

Famous people that you have met?   Lots. Best one's Paul Simon, and Ronan Keating. Both took me out for a beer after the interview!

What is the best and worst thing about radio today?   Best thing about radio. I can only talk here about what I do on kmfm and Caroline. I can be myself and communicate 1 to 1. worst LINER CARDS and False people.

How much music freedom do you have on Caroline compared with other stations?   Total free choice within our format which i totally agree with.

What's the most embarrassing or funny thing that's happened to you?   I got an award last year for services to local Radio from a brance of rotary. I knew nothing about it until they presented it to me live on air. first time ever i have been lost for words. I did once interview a streaker about why she had done it at a local football match, and she did much the same in the studio for me. Very nice. Sadly no one else could see anything as it was before the days of web cam

What do you do for your day job and relaxation?   Day job is Radio Presenter, I play golf to relax, and enjoy a nice real ale

What's your favourite food?   Salads and Curry, not together

What do you dislike doing the most? -   Paper work. Yes we do still have it

Who would you like to get stuck with on a desert Island?- . My Wife Judy.

What's the most important thing that you have learnt about radio?-  Be engaging and yourself

What was the first record you bought?-   You'll love this. Mary Hopkins Those were the days. Wanted to get value for money as it was about 5mins long

What are your favourite bands and who is your hero?    To many to mention, But i do like Coldplay. and the Coral Hero, that's My Late Dad for never getting in my way when i first got into radio.

What are your favourite tunes? Depends what mood I'm in. I can listen to Rock, pop, soul, Classical. Only thing i don't like is opera  

When did you last go on board the Ross Revenge?   May this year

What are your plans for the future?  - To have fun and try to stay fit. As for Radio i've been blessed. I only went out to the Mi Amigo for 2 weeks and 33 years later I'm still doing something i enjoy. If it ends tomorrow i have some great memories and made friends with some wonderful people.

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