Jim Richman

Jim Richman

Interview by Roland Beaney.

Where and when were you born?

I was born in Chiswick maternity Hospital in West London.

Where do you live now and what is your favourite part of the country? -

I live near Heathrow as it is convenient for my radio/freelance work. If I had to choose I would choose Cheshire as my favourite part of the country.

How did you get involved in Radio and what other stations have you worked for?

I got involved in radio as soon as I left school. I was training to be an electrical engineer and the company I was training with had connections with Radio Caroline. They asked me if I would like to learn about radio transmitters and I was sent out to the Fredericia off the Isle of Man. Two weeks later I was out there learning about transmitters 20K 1520kHz (197 metres) was the frequency they used.

What was your earliest memory of Caroline?-

I was listening on my friends radio. His dad was into radio and he said, "have a listen to this new station" The first voice I heard was Simon Dee.

When did you first join Caroline and why?

I joined Caroline North in October 1965 and stayed till March 1966. I went under the name of Jim Gordon and 2 weeks after I left the Australian Jim Gordon replaced me. Why they had to use the same name is beyond me.

What did you enjoy most about working on a Radio ship?

It was knowing we were being listened to all over the UK and most of Europe

Who was your favourite shipmate?

All the DJs were great to get on with. I didnít have a shipmate as such because we all worked as a team.

Have you worked on other Radio stations?

Other stations I have worked for include Sunshine Radio, BBC Radio Medway, BBC Cumbria and Radio Jackie and I also worked for Radio Veronica as an administrator.

What is your favourite station other than Caroline?

My favourite station other than Caroline is Radio 2 because they play a lot of new bands and the music is also up to date.

What is the best and worst thing about radio today?

The worst thing about radio today is that its sounds all the same and the ads are to domineering. Most of the presenters also sound alike apart from Radio 2 and Caroline, for this reason I donít listen to much radio. All radio stations are geared for age groups 16-30 and radio stations like Caroline are rare.

Do you have any embarrassing or funny moments to share with us?

I remember one time on the Fredericia we had a storm and all of my washing blew overboard. I had to stay in the same clothes for nearly 2 weeks.

What do you do for your day job and for relaxation?

I work as a freelance presenter and I have my own radio consultant business, which takes up most of my time when I'm not broadcasting.

What is your favourite food?

I like to wind down with a good book or maybe catch up on the news of the day with a glass of wine as I do a lot of driving. My favourite food is Thai or maybe something thatís not fattening. My favourite meal though is good home cooking like a roast or maybe something oriental

What are your favourite sports or interests other than Radio?

I donít get much time for sport as Iím always busy but I do like the odd footy match if England are playing. I also like Wimbledon tennis.

Have you any special memories or regrets?

I had wished I had stayed with Caroline for longer but when March 1966 came I was offered a residency at the Marquee in Wardor street, London. So yes, I regret leaving Caroline.

What are your favourite bands or groups? -

My favourite bands are too numerous to mention, but my current favourites are a German band called Reimstein. I donít think itís the sort of music Caroline fans would like, but who knows maybe I will play something one day.

What are your top 5 favourite tunes?

A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum. Immigrant song - Led Zeppelin. 19th Nervous breakdown - The Stones. Reach out I'll be there - The Four Tops and last but not least. Good Vibrations- The Beach Boys.

Have you met anyone famous?

I have met many famous people including Phil Collins, (what a nice guy he is). Tony Bennett, Max Bygraves and one that stands out Suzi Quatro. She is such a lovely lady but these are just a few that stick in my memory.

Who would you most like to meet?

That isnít an easy question as there are so many, but if I had the chance it would have to be someone who does good work for charity and stands out amongst all others and that is Bob Geldof a man who I think has done so much for Africa.

When did you last go on board the Ross Revenge?

The last time I was on the Ross Revenge was when we did a broadcast during Easter 2005 in Tilbury. I believe though, its still in a private dock.

What plans have you for the future?

Finally my plans for the future are to make people happy, enjoy what I do best by talking to you the public on the radio but also to be happy in knowing that I am making someone happy which is what ever I happen to be doing at the time .Have a long and peaceful lifeÖ.

Thank you very much Jim for your interesting interview, I hope you continue to make us all happy with your programmes for many years to come.

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