Marc Griffiths

 Interview by Roland Beaney in May 2012


Where and when were you born? - November 1973 in Liverpool


Where do you live now? -  For the past 11 years I've lived in Kent


What is your favourite part of the Country? -  I love the south of England and London is a fascinating place but there's something magical about going home north.


How did you get into Radio? -  When new to the area I joined VPR a great hospital radio organisation in Dartford, Kent


When did you first join Caroline? -  In 2003 Dave foster and Mark Stafford the then programme controllers approached me, I was humbled and obviously accepted..... If you love my show kudos to them if you don't please sent your complaints to them!!


What other Radio stations have you been involved with? -  I have had interest from various local commercial stations but nothing has ever made me consider leaving Caroline


What are your earliest memories of Caroline? - Some of my family listened back in the day but I think it would be my friends. Dad who had a Radio Caroline LP. I remember this from my school days


Who is the most famous person that you have met? - In radio - Tony Blackburn I guess. Non radio- HRH Queen Elizabeth ll


What's your favourite station other than Caroline? - BBC 6 music. They play what I love


Who influenced you the most? - John Peel- the best ever. I also respect Terry Wogans ability to talk to an audience on a one to one basis


Who are your favourite Caroline Djs- Alan watts and Doug Wood


What is the best and worst thing about radio today? - The best thing is the amount of platforms to broadcast on. The worst thing is not evolving. I like to think I do's show that I would personally enjoy listening to and I move with the times......Caroline is an institution, an icon and no one person is bigger than the station. I see it as my responsibility to help carry the Caroline torch to the next generation.


How much freedom do you get on Caroline - Great thing about Caroline is the management know what we are all capable of so freedom is fantastic. We don't have this 15 songs played over 2 hours constantly format..... Thank goodness. I ensure that boxes are ticked and there are equal amounts of songs played from 60s to 00s


What's the most embarrassing or funny thing that's happened to you? - I covered morning show back in Maidstone days, twiggy was covering breakfast. I met Eric Clapton in security and was really excited.... But it was April 1st and nobody believed me...... But I promise it's true


What do you do for your day job? - A teacher. I teach painting and decorating


What's your favourite food? - Thai


What do you dislike the most? -  Self important people


What's the most important thing that you learnt about Radio?- To read and get to know your audience. Do not self indulge by playing what you want .... Listeners are punters and without them we might as well stay at home


What was the first record you bought?-  Hmmm let me think


What are your favourite bands?  - Hard to answer, it varies through the decades

Beatles and who

T-Rex and Bowie

U2 and Deacon Blue

Foos and Strokes

Killers and Kings of Leon


Who is your hero? - Has to be McCartney.....


What are your 5 most iconic tunes? -  OH COME ON!!!


Have you been on board the Ross Revenge? - Yes. I did an RSL in 2004 and numbers 30-1 on the album countdown chart in 2007. Usually it's veterans broadcasting from the Ross


What plans have you for the future? - Carry on discovering new bands and sharing with the world and doing gigs. Help Caroline move towards the next 5 decades.


Good luck Marc with your search for new bands and thank you for the interview.



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