Paul Douglas

Paul Douglas

 Profile by Roland Beaney.

From Radio Caroline North

Paul Douglas started doing shows for Radio Caroline about 4 years ago but its only since February that he's been on Satellite. Previously his shows went out in Caroline's slot on American Shortwave station WBCQ The Planet, along with programmes from Tony Christian and Dave Fox. He's also had shows aired on Tony's internet station TNI. The Radio Caroline North studios are spread over 3 locations. Paul has one in his home, then there's one at the station that Doug Wood works for where he records his shows and although he doesn't realise it Rob Leighton's "Imagination" studio is included in the Radio Caroline North studios family as he only lives about 15 miles from Doug and Paul who both live in Stoke on Trent. They are both currently involved with a local group that are trying for a University and Community licence so that takes up all their spare time. Paul has had background connections to Radio Caroline since 1975 that's 30 years! He almost ended up on the Mi Amigo in autumn 1976, but it was thought by a friend who could have made it happen that he was better off joining the army and he didn't tell him about it till it was too late.

So as a child of the 60's Paul was a listener to Radio London and admits to listening to Radio 1 when it started. He hates to admit that he never listened to Caroline between 1967 and 1968.The arrival of RNI was the boost he needed and when it became Caroline in the build up to the election it was an electric experience for him despite the jamming. He has many memories over next few years and then one Saturday RNI tested as RNI 2, Radio Veronica changed frequencies, Radio One was 5 years old and The Lady returned to the air and he heard it all laying on his bed at home in Bournemouth celebrating his 17th birthday.

Paul was born and lived for the first 16 and a half years of his life in Sussex. At 13 he started doing a paper round as most kids do at some stage and all his pocket money went on his main passion MUSIC. He remembers when singles were 6 shillings and 8 pence and 3 for a pound. From about 15 onwards he was invited to lots of parties as it became known that he had a good record collection and that didn't worry him at all. His parents bought a guest house in Bournemouth when he was 16. Late in 1972 Mecca renovated a theatre in Boscombe and it became one of the many Tiffany's through out the country. It was 5 minutes walk from his house. He spent many nights there pestering the D.J's for songs and generally getting known by the management as someone who wanted to be a D.J. One of the D.J's that worked there for a while was Roger Kent who went on to broadcast from the Mebo 2 on RNI. His chance came in April 1974. They were looking for a Jock and held an audition night, guess who entered. Paul didn't get the gig and was later told that he had done very well and it was only because of being 18 that he lost out.

In May 1974 an agent wanted to take him on his books to work at a Pontins Camp in Weymouth for the summer. With the help of his best mate David they built a brand new Disco Setup, lights, base unit, amps, deck unit, speakers etc and got a cheap mini-van to drive there 5 nights a week. 1975 saw another summer and xmas at Pontins, along with forming a friendship with James Kay from Radio Caroline.

The glorious summer of 76 again found him at Pontins however this time he lived on camp working just 3-4 hours a night and listening to Caroline on 192 during the day and of course sun bathing as well. Like many 20/21 year olds at the time his hair was pretty long, half way down his back in fact and supported by a full beard. In Autumn 1976 out of the blue he decided to join the Army and had to loose his long hair and beard. During his 6 years in the Army he spent more than 4 years in Germany on the Dutch border. He came home with a van and collected his trusty disco and was earning more doing disco's than when he was being a soldier. He got married and is still married today. He also got a slot on the Canadian Forces Radio Station CFNB which broadcast from Brunsum in Belgium presenting a show called Prime Colours, which was more or less the same as he does now. Before returning to the UK he sold his disco. He met Doug Wood in 1984 and found they had so many things in common and they have been the best of friends since.

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