Pat Edison

Pat Edison

 Interview by Roland Beaney.

Pat has been especially helpful to Horizon Magazine and the new Society web shop; arranging on air adverts, producing artwork and generally supporting our work to support station and ship.

1. Do you want to give your age?

I can't remember being born, being too young at the time, so it's difficult to work out!

2. Where were you born?

Croydon in South London

3. How did you get involved in radio?

I was always interested in what you could do with wires and by my mid teens had already established a "radio station" using a pair of (illegal) walkie-talkies. I was also an avid radio listener, although I am ashamed to say I just missed the first offshore radio area. However when RNI started in 1970 I was soon hooked and, on meeting a fellow 'free radio' buff at college, was introduced to the operators of South West London's land based "pirate" Radio Jackie. I was immediately given a show - much to my surprise and delight. I was with it for 18 months.

4. What other Radio stations have you worked for?

After Radio Jackie I was a founder member of the legendary Radio Kaleidoscope who did what Radio Jackie did - only better (or so we liked to think). After that I went into hospital radio at the Royal London Hospital Whitechapel but also did a number of Restrictive License Stations (RSL's) which was fun - and legal!

5. What is your earliest memory of Caroline?

Although I was too young (that's my story) to have been interested in the first wave of offshore radio I did hear about 2 minutes of "Yellow Submarine" being played on what I was told was Radio Caroline while camping with the Boys Brigade at Hastings in 1966.

6. When did you first join Caroline?


7. Why did you decide to join Caroline?

 Having got bored with hospital radio, or at least gone as far as I could with it, in 1996 I decided to get out and do something else. I tried one or two things include a spell practising Buddhism (badly) but found I missed sitting behind a microphone talking to myself so when an opportunity came up at Caroline I was asked by my old ex-Jackie/Kaleidoscope pal David Owen if I would be interested in a gig at Maidstone. I said "Yes!"

8. What is your favourite radio station other then Caroline?

I don't listen to any other radio at the moment - it's too horrible.

9. Have you got any special memories or regrets?

 Plenty of memories. I don't have regrets - I have lessons learnt.

10. What's your most embarrassing moment?

 Being mistaken for a girl when I had long hair by a policeman on Epsom Downs (don't ask).

11. What's your favourite sport or pastime other than radio?

Trying to convince the world to dump their Windows PC's in favour of Apple Mac computers!

12. What's your favourite read and food?

I don't read as much as I did, although I have read Lord Of The Rings several times. Food: The English national dish - curry!

13. What do you dislike doing the most?

Making phone calls to people I don't know.

14. Where do you live now and what is your favourite part of the country?

 I live in Kent not far from the studio but would like to live farther out one day.

15. What are your favourite bands or groups?

My music tastes are wide and varied. But doesn't encompass Rap or such clap-trap.

16. What's your five favourite tunes that you would take to a desert island?

A very unfair question as with iPod's there would be more than 5 these days - but here's 5 anyway: Mozart "Eine kleine Nachtmusik", Pink Floyd "Us And Them", Van Morrison "Have I Told You Lately", Camel "Long Goodbyes", Taste "On The Boards".

17. What's your favourite TV programme or film? TV: Anything with the late Fred Dibnah in it! Film: Blade Runner

18. When did you last go on board the Ross?

28th March 2006

19. What frustrates you most about radio today?

The corporate nature of commercial radio coupled with the BBC's "Celebrity" obsession.

20. What plans have you for the future and what would you like to be doing in 10 years time?

 Looking into my tea cup I see it's empty - excuse me that's my cue to put the kettle on.......

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