Rob Harrison

 Interview by Roland Beaney.

Where were you born? Epsom Surrey

Where do you live now? South of France near Antibes

What is your favourite part of the Country? - Which one ?  England -Hampshire,  France-Where I live

How did you get into Radio? Through a pirate station in Antibes called Sunshine Radio where I worked with Mark Dezzani, Tom Anderson, Jaimie King and Susan Charles

When and why did you first join Caroline?   Tom Anderson recommended me to Peter Moore

What other radio stations have you been involved with?   Sunshine Radio, Contact 94 and Riviera Radio

What are your earliest memories of Caroline?   My brother listening to it in his bedroom in the 1970's and the return of the Ross in 83

What's your favourite station other than Caroline?   BBC 6 music

Famous people that you have met?   Oh god -where do you want to start.? Phil Collins , Dave Stewart, Robert Plant, Suzanne Vega, Stelios, The late Clement Freud, numerous F 1 drivers and footballers and Paul Shelton !

What is the best and worst thing about radio today?   The best is the limitless possibilities of Internet streaming and the worst is the tired and hackneyed stations with 200 songs on the playlist that still have a stranglehold on the industry.

How much music freedom do you have on Caroline compared with other stations?   An enormous amount. There are a few loose rules on Caroline but you can play anything you want really !

What's the most embarrassing or funny thing that's happened to you?   Saying the F word on air twice by accident.

What do you do for your day job and relaxation?   I present the Breakfast Show on Riviera Radio in Monaco on 106.5 fm and online at Relaxation would be lunch on the beach or cooking. I've been working here since 1991

What's your favourite food?   All of it -especially Fish !

What do you dislike doing the most? -   Being told what to do - and cleaning the loo !

Who would you like to get stuck with on a desert Island?- . My wife (I had to say that :-) )

What's the most important thing that you have learnt about radio?-  You are never the finished article !

What was the first record you bought?-   Blue is the colour by the Chelsea football team.

What are your favourite bands and who is your hero?  can't pin down 1 but the Stones and The Stooges would be near the top of the list. Colin Mueslibar is my hero.

What are your favourite tunes? Again impossible to say-I have a wide and eclectic taste as anyone who's listened to my show knows.

When did you last go on board the Ross Revenge?   The RSL at Queenborough 1997

What are your plans for the future?  -To stay alive

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