Todd Slaughter

 Interview by Roland Beaney.


A few years ago Todd Slaughter brought his Elvis Priestley show to Radio Caroline but when I spoke to him recently I was surprised to find that he nearly joined the station back in the 1960s.


He told me. "Like all "Children of the 60s" I ached to broadcast on Radio Caroline, but several visits to the Mi Amigo made me realise that I was neither mature enough, nor talented to becoming a presenter. I have been involved in the Elvis world since 1962 and took over the Fan Club the day before the marine offences act came into force. In fact we had a fan club convention in Nottingham on the day prior with special guests Robbie Dale and Tom Lodge. Tom was going to Radio 1 and Robbie was going back to the North Sea with Johnny Walker who I had earlier met and interviewed when doing a piece for the Swedish Daily Express (Expressen) about Radio England. I knew then that if I had pushed it I could have joined the broadcast crew, but I didn't have the balls. Steve Merrick who was also at my event spoke to the Admiral and he ended up on the North Sea. Radio Caroline has been good for the fan club over the years with Tony Prince, Tom Lodge, Tommy Vance, and Rosko helping loads"  


Before bringing the show to Radio Caroline Todd's show was broadcast on many stations, he told me, "Over the years I have taken my Elvis show from Radio Leicester, Radio Trent (where I got a Sony Award for Best Pop Music Programme), a variety of other commercial and BBC local stations, QEFM (remember them), Radio Luxembourg with Tony Prince (of course), Saga, Primetime, and Smooth along with Big L and for the past 3 years Radio Caroline"  


The Elvis Presley fan club website has a special page dedicated to Radio Caroline and the parliamentary campaign to get Caroline back on Medium Wave. Todd told me, “It was wonderful to visit the Ross last year and I do hope that the ship gets a tourism berth and an AM frequency. For heaven sake Veronica plays a huge branded part in both radio and television broadcasting in Holland, so fair’s fair, Radio Caroline should be back on the air” You can also join the club and get all the latest news about Elvis and about the fabulous tours to Memphis by visiting the Elvis Presley Fan Club’s website at  or write to him at-  



PO Box 3456



ST10 9BG



and   You can listen to Todd Slaughter's Elvis Hour every Thursday at 8.00pm on Radio Caroline Flashback

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