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Another video from Nick Carter (Bolland when on the Ross) showing excerpts from his days on board as a DJ in 1987, and from Easter 2024 during the 60th anniversary celebrations.  Click button below to view.


Ross Revenge restoration 2005/2015

The Ross Revenge restoration teams efforts over the past eight years can be seen on these videos. Click on playlist button to see thumbnails linking to other videos showing some of the work that has been carried out. The work began after the RSL at the Tilbury landing stage, the ship was moved into the Secure dock at Tilbury. At first all the work had to be carried out inside the ship and the decks were given a scraping and painting. Then when permission was given by the Port Authority we moved outside and scraped and painted the outside of the ship.

During the winter months we moved inside and refurbished the mess room, the record library, the cabins and the studios. At the same time the ceilings were removed and painted while the electric cables were replaced with new. New lagging was installed before the panels were replaced. You can also see the bulkhead panels being cut away by Dave Lockyer to turn the dog kennel into a shop. Sometimes the weather was so hot we had to erect a cover to shield us from the heat of the sun.

A Cherry Picker was hired to reach parts that were too far for us to reach from the dockside. The ship has been moored in several locations within the dock. At first the cement lorries could be seen at the cement birth, then the ship was moved to the scrap birth and a mountain of scrap can be seen. One day Nick Roe went up the mast to tighten the supports and can be seen throwing down lumps of rust from the platform. This is only a very small part of the work that has been carried out on the ship during this time.