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Old Woodley & Crampmoor

Braishfield Rd just past Woodley Close before Abbotswood estate was built


Early days of Abbotswood estate in 2011


Abbotswood House 1929


Early days of Viney Avenue 1962?

No Great Woodley estate then in top fields


Electric street lamp replacing gas one in Woodley Lane 1965?


Greatly missed shop on the Great Woodley shopping precinct


When Spar, Bobs Hardware and Romsey Autospares were at Great Woodley


Local policeman for many years Norman Langdon


Great Woodley Estate 1970. Woodlands Gardens on the right, Waverley Close on the left


Houses being built at Waverley Close  Great Woodley in 1969


Councillor Leonard Moore tree planting in 1973


Cedar Lawn, Braishfield Rd Woodley 1981


Cedar Lawn nursing home, Braishfield Rd Woodley 1981



Jean and Douglas Wilkes owners of Greenways Restaurant 1963


Greenways Restaurant 1963

Many thanks to Andrew Wilkes for info


Greenways restaurant 1970

Greenways Restaurant 1970


Greenways Restaurant 1950's


Greenways Restaurant advert 1953


Harefield House, Viney Avenue

Harefield House, Viney Avenue


Joe Dittrich in fields now Footners Close on the Ganger Farm estate during the big freeze of 1963

You can see Woodley Way behind him with Ganger Cottages on the right


Ganger Farm House and yard which gave its name

 to so much in the Woodley area


Woodley Lane facing towards Braishfield Rd with Brook Way behind you

Lad is Simon Short who lived in a bungalow called Anglesey

Simon is now a very successful cartoon artist called "Smuzz"

In the winter of 1963

go to Simons website Smuzz


Anglesey bungalow in Woodley Lane with Olive & Ken Short


Back of the Anglesey bungalow looking towards which is now the Great Woodley estate

Pictured is Olive Short, Roy Romsey (Jacobs) and granny Short


Early days of Brook Way from Woodley Lane in the winter of 1963


An early photo of number 2 bungalow at the Woodley Lane entrance to Brook Way


Ted Wayman, Sid Thomas, Graham Pritchard, Alf Turner, Bob Thornton

Pritchard's coal merchants, Richmond Lane, Woodley Lane Junction


Woodley Lane, Bransley Close would now be on the right


Construction of new bridge over the Fairbourne Stream by the Dog and Crook, Braishfield. c1964


St Swithins Chapel 1860


St Swithins Chapel 1898


School group at Crampmoor Church 1920. Greenways Restaurant being built in background


Crampmoor Church 1942


Crampmoor Church in 1973


Wedding at W.I hut in School Rd Woodley 1950's ?


Crampmoor Coronation Committee 1953

Michelle Gray, Mrs Brent, Doris Bunting, Gladys Pack, Nancy Elcock, Mrs Hoskins and Mrs King


Crampmoor School, School Rd Woodley, WW2


Crampmoor School/Village Hall School Rd Woodley, 1982 shortly before demolition


Demolition of Crampmoor School/Village Hall School Rd Woodley, 1986


Opening of new Village Hall, School Rd Woodley, 1986

by Eileen Page and Cllr. Doris Bunting


Canadian soldiers at School Rd, Woodley W.I. hut in WW1 in School Road, Woodley


VE Day at Crampmoor School, Woodley and Braishfield people


Enos Bungay, Jane Shelly, Sarah Bungay,William Hunter, George Parker, Miss William Allan

Enos Bungay, Jane Shelly, Sarah Bungay, William Hunter, George Parker, Miss William Allan

outside the Old Rising Sun (Hunters Inn) 1878


Old Rising Sun (Hunters Inn) Romsey late 1800's


Hunters Inn, Woodley 1914

Hunters Inn Woodley Romsey 1914


Squatters Cottage Woodley Hunters

The "Squatters Cottage" opposite the Hunters Inn, Woodley Romsey 1914


Woodlands Garage, Crampmoor Romsey 1942

Woodlands Garage on A3090 left hand side start of "Straight Mile" at Crampmoor 1942


Woodlands Garage, Crampmoor Romsey

Woodlands Garage on A3090 left hand side start of "Straight Mile" at Crampmoor 1982


Ganger Pond Cottage

Ganger Pond Cottage.


Woodley Court, off Braishfield Rd, now Cedar Lawn nursing home