Radio Woodley 1968-74 (RIP)


What Radio Woodley Sounded Like

Below are two recordings of Radio Woodley as it was broadcasting to Woodley Close and Woodley Way in Romsey Hampshire between 10am - 11am and 11am - 12am on Sep 22nd 1974. The quality is not brilliant but listenable. You must excuse the not so good DJ. Most of the jingles were converted from Radio North Sea ones, I hope they don't mind. The recordings are nearly 1 hour long. The first recording includes the top ten of 1964. If you listen carefully you can hear a plug for Derek Morgan's "Dice Disco". The second one includes a Big Bopper special. I used two Garrard SP25 record decks and a Akai 1710 reel to reel tape recorder for the jingles. The microphone used was from the same recorder. The transmitter was the local oscillator in a mains AM radio with miles of aerial wire in the loft.

Radio Woodley Karaoke

Those of you "young" enough to remember Radio Woodley might recall I used to go around with my tape recorder and record people singing their favourite songs. I then played these on the radio as a competition for others to guess who it was singing. I've discovered some of these recordings and thought it might be fun to listen to what we sounded like all of 40 years ago. Hopefully I've got the names right. Includes Annette Porter, Brenda Smith, Joan Tuck and Chris Levy. Have fun!!

Radio Woodley History

Radio Woodley broadcast to Woodley Close, Romsey and surrounding areas between 1964 and 1974 It broadcast every Sunday between 10am and 2pm. It was eventually closed down in October 1974. "Romsey's first radio station became so popular with neighbours on a council estate that record requests came pouring in. But it was switched off by Romsey Magistrates" Below are two of many newspaper reports!