Romsey people past and present

Thanks to Molly Irvine and Colin Dawe for many of the photos

Inside Chas E Smiths Government Surplus Stores, The Hundred Romsey

Lynn?,  Rex Smith, Anne Lucas, Harold Smith and Audrey Smith


The well known Romsey character Johnny Zammit with his mother


Mike Mason, Roy Stratton, Peter Kewe and David Ford

entrance to Church St by veg shop


Romsey's first traffic controller "Yorky"


Brian Carpenter who once lived at Burma Rd Romsey


Milkman Wilf Johnson


Bertram Courage and Fred Viney


Sam Porter and Rodger (Podge) Gunner


Ann (Moore) and Skinner Viney


Ladies working at "The Gardens"  Winchester Hill, Romsey

including, Mabel Randell, Daisy Green, Pat Thrower and Molly Elvin (nee Powell)


Tom Lewis and John Vidler


Reg and Dorothy Calvert. Lived for a while over Tates TV shop in Church St, Romsey

Reg ran dances in the Crosfield Hall and the Drill Hall in Station Rd, late 1950's

Later he managed the Fortunes pop group and ran a pirate radio station in London called Radio City

It was through his involvement with pirate radio he was shot to death by a Oliver Smedley


Lads in Bill Collins Cafe in the Hundred 1964


"Podge" Gunner and Bill Collins


Ken Collins and Podge Gunner in she repair shop in the Hundred, Romsey


Gary Windibank famous for strongman exploits


Bill Newell, Mick Purver and Sid Tubb with cycle plus Tom Viney's Hillman Minx


Pinks grocery shop cycle in Bridge Rd Romsey


Todd Bennett who trained at Timsbury Manor


Tom Doling


Ron Sillence 1950's


Hazell Wedding 1948. The Hazell's had a chemist shop in Church St.


Doug Reeves, Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards (steeplejack) and Doug Reeves (taxi driver)


Lord Mountbatten presenting TV to Tom Doling


H C Emery Post Office farewell gathering Winchester Rd, Botley Rd Junction

Retirement of Harold and Belle Emery April1976  Do you recognise anyone?

Photo courtesy of the Lower Test Valley Archaeological Study Group (LTVAS)


John Bungay, Brian Osman, Brian Mann, Bobby Irvine, Russel Vane

Romsey Weighting Club presentations 1968 with Podge Gunner


Kings Head darts team, Crosfield Hall, Romsey


Romsey sweeper for many years, Bill Weeks 1960's


Jim Whale 1985, closing of fishmonger in Romsey


1975 Outside Duval the dry cleaners in the Hundred next to Woolworths (now Co-Op)


Purchases Romsey 1940

Ladies who worked at the Purchases store in the Hundred Romsey 1940's


Banning Street 1937

Banning St Romsey, 1937. George VI Coronation Celebrations.

Pat Redman, Pat Smith, Fred Bevous, Kit Weeks, Lil Payne, Mrs Cox,

 Bill Merryman, Lou Rickman, Prill Cole, Jack Hann and Maurice Redman


Banning St 1937

Banning St Romsey, 1937. George VI Coronation Celebrations.

Do you recognise anybody


Banning St 1937

Banning St Romsey, 1937. George VI Coronation Celebrations.

Do you recognise anybody

Standing left is Vera "Betty" Redman  the one with a friends hands on her shoulders


Joe Middleton, Albert Levy, John Irvine, Jim Pile, Paddy Burke, Norman Eldridge

Tudor Rose Xmas 195?

Joe Middleton, Deafy King, Jim Pile, Norman Eldridge, Paddy Burke, Paddy Irvine and unknown

kneeling Albert Levy


Old Romsey Cadets very 1st Romsey Carnival entry (Strongs yard) 1962


Romsey Boys Club show at Crosfield Hall 1958



Malmesbury Rd 1945

Malmsbury Rd, Romsey, V.E Day 1945


Group in Mill Lane, Romsey V E day 1945


HCC Romsey Workmen

Group of Romsey HCC workmen mid 1960's

L/R:- Bill Angel, Dennis (deny) Baker , Alf Pointer, Stan Bloomfield, Brian Swatton  and John Martin


Stan Viney, George Eldridge , Lew Hann,  Maurie Edwards, Ashley Edwards,

Alfred (Sam) Gerrard 1949, building site at Manningham Way, Timsbury