Old  Pubs from the Romsey Area

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The Bugle, The Cornmarket Romsey now trading as the Tudor Rose


The Tudor Rose in the Cornmarket Romsey (Still Open)


The Royal Oak, Bell St


Bell Inn, Bell Street in 1858


Swan Inn, Market Place Romsey, now the Conservative Club


Old House at Home, Love Lane Romsey


Old House at Home, Love Lane Romsey (still open)


Rose and Crown, Latimer St. Romsey 1904/05 Landlord and family

later became Boddingtons Fish & Chips. Opposite the "Olive Tree"


Blacksmith Arms in Middlebridge St now Romsey bypass


The Woolpack, Middlebridge Street, Romsey


Kings Head, The Hundred Romsey, mid 1960's (Now Koh Thai Tapas restaurant)


Kings Head, The Hundred 1974 (Now Berties)

Kings Head, The Hundred, Romsey 1974 (Now Koh Thai Tapas restaurant)


Vine Inn, Cherville St, Romsey, never had a Strongs sign on the building,

just a roadside one (see inset)


Star Inn, The Horsefair Romsey

Star Inn, The Horsefair Romsey (Still open)


Star Inn, The Horsefair Romsey (Still open)


Old Thatched Cottage, Mill Lane, Romsey


Abbey Hotel, Church St Romsey 1915 (Still Open)

Abbey Hotel, Church St, Romsey 1915 (closed)


Abbey Hotel, Church St, Romsey,1970's (closed)


Hunters Inn, Woodley, Romsey

The Hunters, Woodley, Romsey (still open)


The Hunters, Woodley, Romsey 1878 (still open)


Old House at Home, Crampmoor, Romsey


Three Tuns, Romsey

Three Tuns, Middlebridge St. Romsey (Still open)


Three Tuns, Middlebridge St. Romsey in 1910 (Still open)


Rear of Three Tun's 1960's (Still open)


Angel Hotel, Romsey

Angel Hotel, Bell St. Romsey

Now The La Parisienne restaurant


Bishops Blaize, Romsey

Bishop Blaize, Winchester Rd. Romsey (Still Open)


Bishop Blaize, Winchester Rd. Romsey 1981 (Still Open)


Crown Inn (left), Winchester Rd in 1914 (Now Closed)


Crown Inn, Winchester Rd in the 1960's (Now Closed)


Bricklayers Arms, Romsey

The Bricklayers, Banning St. Romsey 1967 (Closed)


The Railway View, Romsey

Railway View, Station Rd. Romsey 1937 (Closed)


Dolphin Hotel, Romsey

Dolphin Hotel, Cornmarket, Romsey (Closed)


Dukes Head, Romsey

Dukes Head, Greatbridge, Romsey (Now the Duke on the Test)


Flemming Arms, Romsey

Fleming Arms, Alma Rd. Romsey (Closed)


Horse and Jockey, Romsey

Horse & Jockey, Mainstone, Romsey (Now the Cromwell)


Horse & Jockey, Mainstone, Romsey 1960's

Horse & Jockey, Mainstone, Romsey 1960's (Now the Cromwell)


The Bridge Tavern, Mainstone Bridge Romsey (Closed)


Lansdown Arms, Romsey

Lansdowne Arms, Church St. Romsey 1974 (Closed)


Now rebuilt further from road and called "The Nightingale"


The William IV in 2009. Now re-named The Nightingale (Still Open)


The Phoenix, Romsey

The Phoenix, The Hundred, Romsey (Still open)


The Sawyers, Romsey

Sawyers Arms, The Hundred, Romsey (Closed)


The Sceptre, Romsey

The Sceptre, The Hundred, Romsey 1935 (Closed)


Sceptre The Hundred, Palmerston St junction Romsey 1960's (Closed)


The Sun Inn, Romsey

The Sun Inn, Winchester Hill, Romsey (Still open)


The Red Lion, Romsey

The Red Lion, The Hundred, Romsey 1900 (Closed)


The Latimer Arms, Latimer St, Romsey 1947

Now the "Olive Tree"


Last days of the Latimer Arms 1974 (Now the Olive Tree)


Red Lion in the Hundred Romsey 1975 (Closed)


Dog & Crook Braishfield, near Romsey, destroyed by fire in 1955 (Rebuilt and still open)


Dog & Crook Braishfield near Romsey after rebuild. 1960's (Still open)


The Wheatsheaf, Braishfield near Romsey (Still open)


Newport Inn Braishfield near Romsey sadly no more


Another pic of the Newport Inn Braishfield near Romsey


Newport Inn on Google image from 2008


Malthouse Inn Timsbury Romsey. Now called "The Goat"


Baddesley Arms in North Baddesley in 2011 (Now the Ox Bar (Indian Resturant)


Crown Inn, Kings Sombourne early 1960's  (Still Open)


Crown Inn, Kings Sombourne  (Still Open)


Hatchet Inn, Sherfield English (Still Open)


Red Lion, West Dean 1988 (Closed 1995)


Bush Inn Newtown Romsey

The Bush Inn Newtown near Romsey in 1994 (Closed)



Mystery Pub 1 ? Any Ideas


Famous Strong Country sign in Botley Rd


Strongs Sign

Familiar Strong's Sign in the 1960's