Old Photos From the Plaza School 1930's, 1940's 1950's & 1960's
and Priestlands 1958-1960


Back Row:- Ethel Gouge. Nellie Compton, Mollie Emery. Francis Freeman. Joan Dowling, Winnie Kirnick, _ Freeman. Bill Carden (Teacher)


Middle Row:-  _ Вurnett, _ Burnett, Reg Mabey, Roger _. Ken Wilmer, Stan Wilmer, ‘Jucy’ Mills, Frank Emery, Roy Harris, Don Smith


 Front Row:- Violet Compton, Iris Pearce. Joy Funnel, Elsie Hall, Phyllis Tilley



Believed to be at the Plaza location in 1936. 2nd row 2nd left is Joyce Reynolds (nee Barrett )






Romsey Plaza School (cowsheds) during the war, 1942.

If you look carefully you can see tapes across  the window panes ready for any bomb blasts.



Last year of Mr Carden as headmaster

Names in photo include, Marjorie Beston, Carol Morey, Mary Gritt, Cecily Doe, Joe Woodward,

June Day, Derek White, Les Hatchet, Jane Austin, Miss Anderson and Mr Carden (Head)


20. Мг. Percy Cudmore, 21 ? 22. Sam Tongs, 23. Robin Townsend, 24. Pat Wymbs, 25. John Brooks, 26. ? 27. Ken Yeates 28. ? 29. John Harding, 30. ? Baker, 31. Derek Johnson, 32. Peter Oakes, 33. Eric Lamb, 34. Ed Massey, 35. Ed Cleary,

36. Nobby Townsend, 37. Green? 38. David Clark, 39. Head Teacher Mr. Carden.


l0. ? ll. Joan Ware, 12. Elsie Mould, 13 Mary Pragnell, 14. Jean Mason, 15. Maureen Head,

l6 Sylvia Gritt, 17. Daphne Noyce, l8 Daphne Bissett, 19. ? Baker,


1. John Rickman, 2.? 3. Dave Geary, 4. ? 5. Robin Bridger, 6. Gordon Lay, 7. John Holloway. 8. Derek Steele, 9. ?



Plaza Secondary 1947


All possible names in this photo


Daisy Lay / Gina Tilley/ Diane Roberts / Jean Rippinggale/ David Lane / Russell Smith / Pete Laurence / Pat plumbly / Bob Waterman / John king / Dougie Hebbern / Mike Riggler/ Alec Laws / Graham Cox / Ray Weedon / Brian fields / Dave Silence /Dennis Taylor / Bob waterman / Queenie May/ Eileen Gale / Margaret Woodward / Pat Scorey / Brian Austin / Bill Mallett / Norma Rowe




L/R Eileen Gale, Daisy Lay, Valerie Shore, Beverley Topp and Ann Wilkins


Romsey Secondary School 1948

Romsey Secondary School at The Plaza. Pupils & teachers 1948



At the Romsey Town FC ground in Mill Lane, Romsey, now Romsey School site



Plaza Secondary School Romsey, Netball Team 1950


Plaza Secondary School Romsey Football 1950s


Plaza Secondary School Romsey Football 1950s 2



British School opposite Alma Rd in Winchester Rd









Mr Waller (HM) P Cooper, J Quantick, K Watkinson, J Haskell, M Blackwell, R Vidlar, Mr Don Smith

A Mundy, E Mason, D White, R Newman, R Taylor and A Bundy.

Does anyone know if any of the above still live locally?



Romsey Secondary School At The Plaza Pupils & Teachers 1954

In this photo

Beryl Clouder, Gloria Powell, Pat Woods, Pat Harding, Pauline Foote, Zena Emmerson, Doreen Knapper, Valerie Chacksfield, Sheila White, Hazel Thomas, Pam Gritt, Marianne Firby, Judy Crane, Janet Newman, Joey Cooke, Mavis Green, Ann Noble, Wendy Blackmore, Sally-Ann Keeping, Carol Levy, Janet Cooper, Bridget O' Sullivan, Sheila Tongs, Gwen Dixon, Ann  Mundy, Pam Shepherd, Rita Crombie, Christine Eldridge, Sheila Randall, Wendy Bush, Rosemary Morrel, Doreen Johnson, Doreen Charlewood, Celia Osman, Molly Irvine, Jackie Cooke, Stephanie ?, Norma Olden, Pam Rogers, Margaret Gritt, Vera Kitcherside, Sylvia Ellsworthy, Barbie Day, Judy Simpson, Barbara Nielson, Carol Philpott, Pat Tizard, Maureen Webb, Maureen Chandler


In this photo

Maureen Chandler, Ann Trembath, June Radcliffe ?, Pat Spring, Julie Tubb, Margaret Crabb, Sheila Hood, Bette Johnson, Marion ?, Marion Parker, Margaret Neilson, Gill Dawkins, Hazel Grayer, Sheila Bartlett, Ann Cardy, Irene Waude, ? Gritt, Gill Ellsbury, Sally Cooke, Melita Barlow, ? Crombie, Pat Gritt, Ruth Foster, Janet White, Louise Wyatt, Cynthia Blackmore, Brenda Bartlett, Sheila Walvin, Janet Hobbs, ?, Eileen Riglar, Beryl Flux, Valerie Johnson, Joan Smetham, Sylvia Bryant, Vivienne Holloway, Suzanne Wilkins, Pat Mason, ? Bloomfield, Pam Clarke, Joyce Blake, Sheila Rendall, Pat Flux, Miss Alison, Jackie Brooks, Barb Thornton, Margaret King, Mr. Glover, Sally Pitt, Pam Elkins


In this photo

Betty Aldred, Sheila Bobbitt, Miss Plumer, Pam White, Maureen Tubb, Phyllis Moody, Carol Kelly, Jeanette Christopher, Mr. Don Smith, Shirley Kidwell, Mary Badminton, Sheila Bartlett, Diane Cornwall, Sheila Brett, Sheila Anderson, Miss Stannard, Sheila Cooper, Ann Parker, Doris Payne, Susan Gossman, Margaret Ives, Mr. Waller, Ron Tongs, Roy ( Jacobs) Romsey, Tom Coakley, Mr. Cudmore, Peter Hancock, Bob Randles, Mike Thomas, John West, John Ellsworthy, Ray Payne, ? Biddlecombe, Miss Barendt, Dennis Cole, Melvyn Hazel, John Jarvis, Peter Roud ?, Mr. Moore, Terry Cardy, Chris Levy, Roger Courtney, Les Bax, Miss Martin, David Macey, Robin Townsend, Ivor Ward, Mr. Gothard, Tony Crane, Sonny Doling



In this photo

Bill Newell, Nyron Stewart, Paddy Weedon, John Hood, Roger Pearce, Dave Harris, ? Vanderplank, Michael Batchelor, Dave Thick, Wesley Thomas, Allan Joy, Ron Green, Brian Waterman, Ray ( dickie ) White, John Davies, ? Barrett, Ray Coakley, Robin Foote, Mick Sheen, Mick Sheehan, Alan Rowe, Ray Watkinson, John Cooper, Maurice Austin, Robbie Bartlett, Chris Murphy, Don Dittrich, (1st above 1954), Norman Norris, Vaughn, (Palmerston House), Rusty Cardy, Michael Pearce, Ray (Gabby) Mainstone, Derek Elcock ?, Les Taylor, ? Bartlett, Tony Smith, Len Levy, Everest., Dennis Perry, Peter McCormick, Derek Roberts



Standing:- Ivor Ward, Pat Thornton, Bernie Moore, Valerie Scurlock, David Martin, ?, David Macey, ? and Chris Levy.

Seated:- Norman Blackmore (with crown), Rosalie Relf and Janet Cooper

"Pyramus and Thisbie" School Play Xmas 1955


School magazine report of above article



Outing To Earls Court 1955


Back Row:- Brian Barter, Ann Cardy, Mike Curtis, Pam Shepherd, Neville Wilson, Valerie Johnson, Janet Brace, Bob Randles, John Glasspool, Roger Fordham and Dennis Cole

Front Row:- ?, Sylvia Milsom, Paddy Glister, Janet Cooper and Don Dittrich


Some of the old buildings at the Plaza school 1955

Wheelers builders van far right




Plaza School Pupils 1956

Margaret King, Pam Sheppard, Suzanne Wilkins, Beryl Flux Shelia Bobbett

Shelia Irvine and Ann Cardy


Romsey Secondary School At The Plaza Pupils & Teachers 1957







Kath Levy Pat Milsom School Group Pic Taken 1957

School Group Photo Taken 1957


Front Row, Pat Milsom 1st left, Jennifer Dowling 3rd left, Jill Smith (teacher) centre and Kath Levy 2nd from right. Do you recognise anybody?
Centre Row, Far right is Pamela Thompson


 4t Class 1957

Mike Curtis, Neville Wilson, John Pragnell and Roy Jacobs

Ian Williams, Melvyn Hazel and Chris Levy



4t Class 1958

G. Packham, Paul Wheeler, Pete Hall, Gordon Whatley

Derek Wells, Tony Newbury, Mick Weedon, Barry Burtt & Chris Purver.



Romsey County Secondary School at Priestlands, 1959, Part 1


Romsey County Secondary School at Priestlands, 1959, Part 2


Romsey County Secondary School at Priestlands, 1959, Part 3


Romsey County Secondary School at Priestlands, 1959, Part 4



All the school teachers at newly built Secondary School, Priestlands, Romsey 1960. (Sue Oates photo)