These are photos taken of Crampmoor, Mottisfont and Romsey area primary and infant school pupils taken in the 1950's 1960's & 1970's.

If if you would like a bigger version or help me with names and dates please

Many thanks for photos and names to Mark Vanderplank, Julie Remsbery (Tuck), Sharon Fielding, Sue Oates, Rod Briggs, Andrew Moody, Colin Thornton and Val Dawe.



Abbey School Romsey

Abbey School picnic  (Photo 1)

The chap in the Bow tie was the Abbey Verger Fred {Paysden?}


Abbey School Romsey

Romsey and District Area sports day 1962 (Photo2)

 Rosemary Mason, Joan McKechnie, Pam Thornton and Hillary John

Abbey School Romsey

Abbey School sports 1959  (Photo 3)

Alan Jackson (left), David Baines, Brian Bath and John Viney

Abbey School Romsey

Abbey School with Miss Mitchell retirement 1962 with Cannon Norris  (Photo 4)


Abbey School 1960  (Photo 4b)

Back Row L to R= Malcom Dunleavey, Barry Scaife, Peter Taylor, Mike Beavis, Mr Canterbury, Roger Reynolds, John Tongs, Brian Holmes

 Front Row L to R= Andy Barnes, Terry Hale, Andrew barr, Steve Young, Brian Walvin

Abbey School 1924 (Photo 4c)

Far left is Arthur Hann, are any of your parents or grand parents on there?


Picture taken 1969ish of the Priestlands School Swimming Gala, held at the old Crosfield Hall Outdoor Pool.
(Photo 5)


Back Row L to R - Steve Williams, Michael Jacobs, Martin Amos, Julian Batey, Ralph Crump, Johnny Manners, Roy Lambert, Leonard Alford, Tony Wheeler, Clifford Carbis, Geoff Garland, David Powell, Rod Briggs, Dave Lawson, Kevin Holmes.

Middle Row L to R - Des Harvey, Ian Tizzard, Tony Thornton, Clive Part, Mike Harvey

Front Row L to R - Steve Thornton, Bob Grace, David Crompton, Ray Gritt, Chris Lemon

 (Photo 6)


Crampmoor School 1950's? (Photo 6b)

Crampmoor School 1949

Crampmoor School 1949 (Photo 7)

Back Row Left To Right:  1-Rita Noyce, 2-Shirley Scivier, 3-? , 4 ?, 5-Tony Pritchard , 6-Peter Merritt, 7-Roy Pack, 8-Micheal Wade, 9-Martin Courage

3rd Row Left To Right:   1-Colin Carter, 2-Robin Lawes, 3-?, 4-Bernard Dittrich, 5-Tony Seymour, 6-John Lay, 7-Les Dewey, 8-John Way, 9-Robin Noyce, 10-Brian Smith, 11-?

2nd Row Left To Right:   1-Susan Murphy, 2-Beryl Woods, 3-Shelia Compton, 4-Pat Wilden, 5-Margaret Gwilt, 6-Renee Waude, 7-Ann Allen, 8-?, 9-Carol Levy

Front Row Left To Right:  1-Don Dittrich, 2-?, 3-Terry Scivier,  4-?, 5-Christopher Levy, 6-Micky Stovold, 7-Micheal Madigan, 8-Tony Levy, 9-Norman Dewey, 10-Michael Sellick, 11-Len Levy

Crampmoor School 1953 (Photo 8)

Back Row Left To Right:  1-?, 2-? , 3-? , 4 Mrs Barrington, 5-? , 6-?, 7-?, 8-?, 9-?

2nd Row Left To Right:   1-Richard Courage, 2-David Part, 3-Denise Reeves, 4-Wendy Part, 5-Carol Andrews, 6-?, 7-Gillian Day, 8-?, 9-Susan Nichols

1st Row Left To Right:   1-?, 2-?, 3-Maureen Middleton, 4-Angie Reeves, 5-?, 6-?, 7-Gwen Levy

Crampmoor School 1953 (Photo 9)

Back Row Left To Right:  1-?, 2-? , 3-? , 4 ?, 5-? , 6-Mrs Barrington, 7-?, 8-?, 9-?

2nd Row Left To Right:   1-?, 2-?, 3-?, 4-?, 5-?, 6-?, 7-?, 8-?, 9-?

2nd 1st Row Left To Right:   1-?, 2-?, 3-?, 4-?, 5-?, 6-?, 7-?

Crampmoor School Photo

Crampmoor School 1956 (Photo 10)

Back Row Left To Right:   Mrs Barrington, Mrs Burt, Gwen Levy, Sue Nichols, ??, Gillian Day, Susan Osey, Sandra Osey, Susan Dewey?, Mrs Williamson, (Cook), Mrs Gwuilt (Cook) Mrs Hall (Cook)

3rd Row Left To Right:   ??, Bridget Dittrich, ??, Richard Milsom, Brian Knight, David Part, Nicholas Bolton, Peter Chappell, Peter Thornton, ??, Gary Woods, Colin Thornton, Richard Courage, ??, ??

2nd Row (seated) Left To Right:   ??. Patricia Chappell, ??, Yvonne Sellick, Linda Dewey, ??, Angela Reeves, Angela Porter, Linda Lawrence, ??.

Front Row (seated) Left To Right:   Terry Chappell, Barry Wassell, Sydney Snowden, Derek Milsom, ??, John Davis, Edward Biddlecombe, ??, Derek Fryer, ??.

Crampmoor School Photo

Crampmoor School 19?? (Photo 11)

Back Row Left To Right:   Mrs Burt & Mrs Barrington

3rd Row Left To Right: (Standing)  Derek Milsom, Trish Chappell, John Davis, Susan Osman, Charlie Nichols, Linda Lawrence, Paul Woods,

2nd Row Left To Right:   Jackie Woods, Debra Dittrich, Dot Snowden, ?, ?, Marilyn Thornton,

Front Row Left To Right:   Steven (pop) Thornton, Loreli Darlington, Martin Grey, Gordon Milsom, Linda Knight, Anthony (Guv) Reeves, Sue Tucker, Ernie Chappell.

Crampmoor School Photo

Crampmoor School 1969 (Photo 12)

Back Row Left To Right: Nicola How, Mark Vanderplank, Jenny Pipitone, Sharon Middleton, John Good, Paul Phippen, Wendy Cannon, Keith Pointer, Sharon Old

2nd Row Left To Right:  Dawn Gosling, Carmen Wickham, Annette Porter, Eileen Judd, Mrs Barrington, Dawn Kitchen, Rosina Emstrich, Glenda House, Margaret Tucker, 

Henry Pile, David Stevens, Barry Thornton, Neil Tuck, Phillip Ward

Crampmoor School 1968 (Photo 12a)

Pupils include

Mark Vanderplank, Keith Pointer, Michael Holman, Peter Holman, Neville Dewey, Henry Pile, Darren House, Philip Ward, Andy Gosling, Dawn Rooney, Sharon Middleton, Eileen Judd, Jenny Pipatoni, Wendy Cannon, Jackie Milsom, Dawn kitchen, Tina young, Dawn Gosling, Glenda House

Crampmoor School Photo

Crampmoor School July 1968 (Photo 13)

Back Row Left To Right:   Mrs Barrington, Harriet Wardrop, ?, ?, Rosemary Newell, Linda Turner, ?, Darren House, Teacher

2nd Row Left To Right:   Beverley Thomas, Julie Old, Jackie Dowling, Tina Young, Margaret Tucker, Dawn Rooney, Julie Tuck, ? Eileen Judd.

Front Row Left To Right: Stuart Canty, Henry Pile, Andrew Gosling, Mark Vanderplank, Keith Pointer, Unknown.

  Crampmoor School (Photo 14)


Crampmoor School 1970 (Photo 15)

Back Row: Mrs Butt, Mrs Bell, Mrs Gwilt, Mrs Williamson. Mrs May

Third Row: Unknown, Neil Tuck, Nicola Castle, Paul Lamb, Nicola Tibble, Richard Burt, ??, Barry Thornton, John Good, ??, Sharon Thomas. Alan Phippen,

Sharon Old, Mark Turner, Malcolm Harman.

Second Row: Sharon Watts, Janet Harman, Beverley Frampton, Eileen Judd, Mrs Burt, Mrs Barrington, Diane Lewis, Shauna Bell, ??, Susan Gosling

Front Row: Kevin Dowland, ??, Erik Olsen, Colin Middleton, ??, Stephen Watts, Paul Glister, Shaun Smith, David Stevens, Tony Young, Paul Charlwood

School Photo

Crampmoor School 1964/65 (Photo 16)

Back Row Left To Right: Peter Tucker, Kevin Burnett, Ralph Taylor (now Thaler), Mrs Barrington, Ms Zalveria , Steven Milsom, Clive Part, Frank Emery

2nd Row Left To Right:   Beryl Harman , Rosemary Porter, Elaine Thornton, Lesley Pipitone, Lucinda Wickham , Rosemary Chappell?

Front Row Left To Right: Adrian Holmes, Steven Thomas, Alison Thornton. Karen Vear, Caroline Bobbitt, Steve Rogers and Melvin Ward

Crampmoor School Photo

Crampmoor School 19?? (Photo 17)

Back Row Left To Right:  Teacher

3rd Row Left To Right:   Richard Osman, ? ? ? Irene Burnett, Steve Lawrence.

2nd Row Left To Right:   ? Susan Harman, Lorna Darlington, Christine Snowdon, Katherine Dittrich.

Front Row Left To Right: Lola Wickham, David Tucker, Christine Moggs, Chris Holmes, Valda Reeves, Bobby Young, Sandra Grace.

Crampmoor School Photo

Crampmoor School 19?? (Photo 18)

Centre front, Caroline Tuck

Left to right: Marie Martin with Jane on her lap and Jean Pointer

Right Back: Molly Cannon, Angie Porter with Neville and Kay Reeves.

Right Front:  Wendy Cannon, Iggy House and Tony Young


Crampmoor School Photo

Crampmoor School July 1968 (Photo 19)


Margaret Tucker, Dawn Rooney, June Cannon, Beverly Thomas and Julie Tuck


Crampmoor School 1968 (Photo 20)


?, Keith Pointer, Henry Pile, Eileen Judd, June Cannon and Marina Pile


Crampmoor School July 1968 (Photo 21)


 Far left 'Neil Tuck' Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.


Crampmoor School July 1968 (Photo 22)


Julie Dittrich 2nd from right, Carman Wickham 1st right


Woodley  Play Group 1995 (Photo 23)



Romsey County Junior School at the Plaza 1958 (Photo 24)


Six a side football team, You can see the cycle shed in the background

Standing:- Peter Green, Mick Young, Glyn Taylor and Bobby Irvine

Seated:- Geoff Lucas and Peter Barr


Romsey Junior football team at the Plaza School 1958/59 (Photo 24a)


L-R is Chris Moncur, John Edwards, Graham Thornton, Malcolm Sims, Buster Jackson, Peter Handcock, Peter Payne, Bernie Austin (goalkeeper)

Front row ... Williamson, ....Perry, Ian Parker, Martin Coughlin, Michael Wheeler


Photo kindly sent by Andrew Moody (Photo 25)


Romsey Junior School 1960

Romsey County Junior School !959? (Photo 26)


Romsey Junior School Photo

Romsey Junior School 1963 (Photo 27)

Back Row Left To Right:   Alison (Lulu) Bowditch. Sue Jenkins, Shirley Judd, Lesley Pragnell, Glynis Cardy, Gerda Kieval, Rosalind Irish, Claire Grant, Denise Crombie, Susan Rosenthal

3rd Row Left To Right:   David Philpot, John Lawson. Clayton Drew, Trevor Attfield, Bill Clouder, Robert Gillespie, Peter Gothard, Alan Thrower, Ricky Head.

2nd Row Left To Right:   Sue Tucker, Susan Gillibrand ?. Jenny Townsend. Rita Harris, ( Mrs Gregg, teacher ,) Laura Dear, Nicola Whale, Loreli Darlington, Geraldine Dear.

Front Row Left To Right: Martin Tesch, David Hunt, Trevor Spinney, Timothy Hancock, Tim Hooper, Melvyn Geary

Romsey Junior School 1963 (Photo 27a)

Romsey Junior School Choir 1963/4, now with only one name missing

back row, left to right: Peter Athersuch, Nicholas Collyer, Colin Shepherd, Keith Gould, John Consterdine, Barry Buckingham, Paul Holloway, Brian Marsh, Jeremy Freeman, Geoffrey Hooper, Ian Dark and Brian Moody.

middle row, left to right: Linda Lawrence, ??, Elizabeth Hancock, Marilyn Hayward, Christina Kater (nee Smith), Julia Moore, Denise Gambling, Desiree Grant, Ros Briggs, Jill Mansbridge, Isobel Wardrop and Mary Bartlett.

front row, left to right: Heather Symes, Catherine Hollman, Nicola Collins, Jill Dowling, Joyce Martin, Janet Horrill, Mrs Gay, Susan Smith, Jenny Carpenter, Penny Surman, Delia Davies and Carol Hayball

Romsey Junior School Photo

Romsey Junior School (Photo 28)

Back Row Left To Right:  Christine Mogg, ? , ? , Margaret Ledbetter, ?, Susan Harman , ?,

3rd Row Left To Right:   ?, ?, Peter Colebrook, James Chapman, David Powell, ?, Vivian "Bubs" Collins, ? ?

2nd Row Left To Right:   Michael Weeler-Osman, ?, Janet Chafe, Pauline Porter, Miss Offer (teacher), Valda Reeves, Christine Snowdon, Bob Young, Roger Parker .

Front Row Left To Right:  Dave Tucker, ?, Neil Baron,  Mark Packham, Christopher Tizzard, Peter Elvin,

Romsey County Juniors1971/72 (Photo 29)

Back row L-R  ? ?, Karen Gentle, Paul McMaster, Pauline ?, Michael Horsecroft, Sandra Guy, Wallace Lamb, Hazel Freestone, ? ?, ? ?, Andrew Jones,

Middle row L-R Linda Flett, Julia Farthing, Karen Miller, Mrs O'Donoghue, ? ?, ? ?, Julie Meffen

Front row L-R  John Langshaw, Mark ?, Craig Hill, Sean ?, Trevor Holman, Andy Franks, ? ?, Nicholas Gale, ? ?,  Neil Fitzgerald

Romsey Boys School Station Rd 1932 (Photo 30)

Arthur or Artie Eldridge is 3rd from the right in the 2nd row from the back - with his arms folded.

Arthur told his son Bill that most of the boys were from Romsey, but on the left at the end were the Baddesley boys. The teacher was Harry Kitcat - interestingly he was still there when when Arthur's son Bill arrived there about 1953/54


Romsey Boys School Station Rd 1957 (Photo 31)

Back Row:-  1-Brian Fairlie, 2-?, 3-Keith Eldridge, 4-Phillip Foot, 5-Barry Moore, 6-?, 7-Peter Barr, 8-? East, 9-John Edwards , 10-Graham Thornton , 11-Robbie Turner, 12-Roy Parker, 13-Bernard Austin

Middle Row:- 1-Desmond Witt, 2-? Newel, 3-Norman Chandler, 4-David Blake, 5-? Shepherd, 6-Patrick ?, 7-Raymond Neilson, 8-Dennis Emery, 9-Geoff Lucas, 10-?, 11-Michael Golding , 12-Geoff Woods, 13-Philip Windsor

Front Row:- 1-Malcome Rose, 2-? Perry, 3-Dave Newman, 4-Stephen Jarvis, 5-Peter Bell, 6-Geoff Milsom, 7-Danny Lamb, 8-Hugh Wyatt, 9-Richard Crump, 10-Alan Fox, 11-Nigel Blackman, 12-Russell Purvis

Osborne House School 1948

Osborne House School 1948 (Photo 32)

Back row: 1- Roger Fordham, 2- Peter Quantick, 3- Dennis Cole, 4- Alan Roud, 5- Nigel Baldwin, 6- Kathy Morey (Teacher), 7- Terry Cardy, 8- Melvyn Hazell, 9- Paddy Weedon, 10- Peter Custer, 11- Michael Henwood

Middle Row: 12- David Mills, 13- Michael Peace, 14- Janet Bell, 15- Beryl Flux, 16- Pam Clark, 17- Kenny Mason, 18- Margaret Newell, 19- Peter Roult, 20- Pat Wood, 21- Margaret King, 22- Gloria Powell.

Front Row: 23- Maureen Webb, 24- Carol Barrett, 25- Rita Crombie, 26- Molly Irvine, 27- Ann Hayward, 28- Cynthia Blackmoor, 29- Carol Kelly, 30- Maureen Chandler, 31- Dorothy Clouder, 32- Sheila White, 33- Suzanne Wilkins, 34- Janet Cooper.

Mottisfont Juniors 1953 (Photo 33)


Mottisfont Juniors 1955/6 (Photo 34)

Back row:- Michael Evans, Ann???, Keith Fryer, Mrs Cockrill, Beryl Lawrence, Ian Skipper, Brenda Pragnell, Gerald Olden, Margaret James, Mrs Gambling, Keith Eades, Valerie Etwell, 

Middle row:- Jenny Blake, Wendy Dowling??, Rosalind  Lawrence, Christine Pritchard, Penny Sillence, Ann Pragnell, Sheila James, 

Front row:- Christopher Chase, ??, Michael Swancott, John Cockrill, David Glasspool, ??, Steve Pragnell, Jimmy Blake.

Lockerley Juniors 1950's (Photo 35)


Teacher at rear:  Mr Clapp

Back Row Left To Right:  1-?, 2-Phil Tucker, 3-? , 4-Mike Combridge, 5-? , 6-?, 7-Sylvia Townsend

2nd Row Left To Right:   1-?, 2-Hazel Hansford, 3-?, 4-?, 5-?, 6-?, 7-Glynis Redgirl

1st Row Left To Right:   1-Brian Hill, 2-?, 3-?, 4-?, 5-?, 6-?, 7-?, 8-Bobby Loader

Braishfield School 1910 (Photo 36)