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Next Southampton Support Group meeting..

The next gathering of the Radio Caroline Southampton Support group is coming up on Wednesday 29th June from 7pm at the Netley Victoria Club, Netley near Southampton SO31 5DG. Come along and meet Caroline DJs and staff and hear all the latest news about the Ross Revenge. We will have the Caroline Sales stand with some of the latest merchandise. There is a bar and we now have a much bigger room. You are all welcome to join us for a £5 donation which includes a buffet and all proceeds will go towards the cost of work on board the Ross Revenge.


Maintenance Crew have busy weekend

Pictures taken on board the Ross Revenge over the weekend of 14th and 15th May. It made a change to have a weekend of fine weather after all the storms of last winter so we were able to do some work outside without the threat of rain or high winds to send us back inside. he shop, formerly Raffles kennel had a good clean up and parts of the deck were cleaned and painted. A tender also turned up to service us and take some pictures. We have a pied wagtail on board who has built a nest and we are hoping to see some baby chicks soon. It was also a very busy weekend on the river Blackwater with lots of activity with boats passing by regularly, some towing water skiers.

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Dont forget..

You can listen to all your favourite songs on Woodley Nets Anorak Jukebox. Songs include Caroline - The Fortunes, Man of Action, Because They're Young (Johnnie Walker theme), Peace - Peter. Also Caroline and Mi-Amigo jingles. Just added is a recording of the Caroline DJ's xmas song from 1974 featuring Tony Allan. To go to the popup player there's a link in the panel above or click HERE

Roger Day celebrates 50 years

The pictures below show some of Rogers Day's guests at his 50th celebrations in the Dreamland Ballroom on 7th May. Roger was celebrating 50 years since he left Dreamland to become a DJ with Radio England and then Radio Caroline. He moved on to many radio stations across the country and interviewed many stars during his career. It was nice to see a good gathering of Caroline listeners and I met up with several friends including Rob Ashard. It was a great evening hosted by Roger who told us some of his life story in two separate sessions. The UK Beach Boys entertained us with two sessions of Beach Boy classics and performed all the old classics very well indeed. Roger now has a daily show on Radio Caroline Flashback at 4pm.

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Cotswold Motor Museum

Link to the live broadcast on 30th April  and 1st May

We had a great weekend at the Cotswold Motor Museum and met lots of people including Caroline legend Rob Eden who did an interview for us from our mobile studio in a VW camper van. He still keeps up with all the news of Caroline and took great interest in our broadcasting vehicle we call "Bella". We did two live broadcasts for the Flashback service from "Bella" with some interviews, unfortunately the one hour broadcast on Saturday had some technical problems but Mike Brill sorted it all out for the second live broadcast on Sunday. The live shows will be repeated later in the week. This year's exhibition celebrates the year 1966 with a nostalgic look at the year when England won the Soccer World Cup and Radio Caroline was playing the hits from its ship in the North Sea. Alongside the cars and motorcycles you can see our replica 1966 studio and hear the sounds from an original Radio Caroline studio with Steve Anthony playing the tunes. We also sold some Caroline Merchandise. Thanks to everyone that turned up to help and to all our visitors and especially to Mike Brill who brought along "Bella" the VW camper van that was an attraction in its own right. In the Photo you can see David Esp who filmed some of the event Viviane Beaney, Mike Brill, Phil Meek and Ross Revenge ship-mates, Howard Copitch, Keith Stimpson and Derek May. .


This year's exhibition celebrates the year 1966. Its a nostalgic look at the year when England won the Soccer World Cup and Radio Caroline was playing the hits from its ship in the North Sea. Alongside the cars and motorcycles you can enjoy the sounds from an original Radio Caroline studio and you may even hear a Caroline DJ playing tunes from the year.


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Located in the picturesque village of Bourton on the Water which makes a great day out with the kids or break in the Cotswolds, the Cotswold Motoring Museum is a truly fascinating journey through the 20th Century. Overflowing with vintage car collections, classic cars and motorcycles, caravans, original enamel signs and an intriguing collection of motoring curiosities and now an original Radio Caroline studio, it is a genuinely captivating experience and a fun day out at Bourton on the Water in the Cotswolds. The exhibition is running up to December and features sounds and images from the 1960s

Radio Caroline North was back on the air on Saturday 23rd and 24th April

Radio Caroline North was back on the air on Saturday 23rd and 24th April from 6am. broadcasting live from the Ross Revenge online and on 1368 AM courtesy of Manx Radio.

The Caroline story moves forward to the station's return in 1983 and we'll hear from many of those involved including Peter Chicago and Tom Anderson. The address to contact them is . and it was again sponsored by Tiptree, Preserves Of Distinction

Podcasts Here

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Tiptree Preserves

The Radio Caroline North broadcasts from the Ross Revenge are sponsored by Tiptree Preserves of Distinction and pictured is one of the Radio Caroline's loyal listeners in Los Angeles who searched the stores around LA and bought a jar.



Caroline Flashback

Caroline Flashback Official Launch

The Official Launch of the Caroline Flashback channel took place at 10 am Saturday 2nd April. After many months of trialing, the official launch of the nostalgia channel Caroline Flashback took place. It now has its own website and apps for iOS and Android and official programme guide. Barry James came on at 9.30am with a surprise warm up programme giving us details of what we can expect and then Tony Christian started it all off officially at 10am. A new face on the station Bill Rollins has a programme on Fridays at midday.  WEBPAGE HERE    FACEBOOK PAGE HERE

Radio Caroline Southampton Support group meeting...

The Southampton Support group had another great evening at Netley on Wednesday 6th April. Thanks to DJs Chris Pearson, Kevin Turner, Steve Anthony, Steve Scott and Mike Brill who all came along to join us. Chris, Kevin and Steve Anthony told us all about their great Easter weekend on the Ross Revenge during the Caroline North broadcast. Mike Brill was keen to show us the new Caroline Flashback app on his phone and talked about his involvement with the technical side of the broadcasts and Alan Beech spoke about the DAB transmitters that he is involved with. Thanks to Albert and Georgina Hood who brought along all the Caroline Merchandise for sale and David Esp for showing us a preview of his film shot on board the Ross Revenge at Easter that will be on sale in the web shop later this year. We were also grateful to many people that turned up some of them that can now listen via the DAB plus transmitter in Portsmouth. The next meeting will take place in June when we hope to have a surprise for you. Watch checking this site for details.

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Caroline now on Glascow DAB+

Radio Caroline, are pleased to say that as of now Radio Caroline on DAB can be heard across Glasgow, fourth largest City in the UK with 1.2 million residents and home to over 40% of the Scottish population.


Also Radio Caroline are now transmitting to the Portsmouth area in DAB plus. Some radios that do not support DAB+ will be unable to find this new service. As a guide, look for the DAB+ logo or green Digital Radio tick mark. According to Solent Radio who are operating this new service the DAB digital radio transmitter was relocated to Fort Widley on Portsdown Hill and Ofcom have also kindly allowed a change to the transmission antenna which will result in an effective doubling of power. This means that coverage should be improved in the Southsea, Gosport, Hayling Island and Waterlooville areas. To listen to the services broadcasting to the Portsmouth area, you’ll need to rescan your radio by doing an ‘Autotune’ or ‘Scan".

Internet enabled smart TVs let you watch your favourite films and shows on demand but If you don't yet have a smart TV but want to make use of all the new services a TV streamer is all you need. You can get services such as the BBC IPlayer, Netflix, Amazon, Demand 5, Now TV, YouTube and many more without splashing out on a new TV. . READ MORE

Message from Peter Moore

 The Sixties Request Show.


"We are grateful to Peter Smith ( PC Estates ) who for many years sponsored this special weekly programme. Now Peter has decided to cease to be the sponsor, which he has every right to do without having to give us a reason.


But unlike Todd's Elvis Hour, also Americana and Good Rockin, Peter is no longer our customer.


Further, for some months now, we have been running our Flashback stream that plays full time the same era and type of music that can be heard on the Sixties show, that was in any case simulcast on that stream.


We have to arrange to send the show direct to Flashback and if this is not complicated there may be no interruption. As most of the world is on holiday, we may miss a week but no longer. So on the same day at the same time you only have to tune to Flashback instead of the main stream. It may be that Peter decides to return to us, supporting Caroline in a different way."

Clive Garrard message on 60's & 70's show

Clive Garrard read out this message from Peter Moore during the last hour of the 60s & 70s request show on Tuesday 29th December. "The programme may be 'rested' for a little while. The programme will return in the new year, at a day and time to be announced."

Clive then said, "I want to say a big thank you at this point for the last 13½ years. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. We've had a lot of fun along the way, haven't we? And, I'd like to thank all the people who have helped me on this programme, too many to mention, but you know who you are. It's been a lot of laughs, and it's been great fun. Thanks for all the nice comments I've had over the last 13½ years. It has been a great pleasure doing this programme and I'm sure Barry would say exactly the same. Barry James will be back sometime in the New Year, not quite sure when, but keep it here, on Caroline"

Changing face of TV's

Ten years ago a 32inch CRT TV would have cost you well over £1000 and it was so big and heavy you could injure yourself moving it around your house. Now you can buy a super slim, super light TV with a similar size screen for half the price and better still not only High Definition but now 4K TVs are becoming readily available READ MORE

Radio Caroline Racing Car at Brands Hatch

From Radio Caroline/Flashback DJ Tony Christian


I have just returned from Brands Hatch where I spent an enjoyable afternoon with Caroline DJ Rob Ashard and David Cornwallis, the driver of our Radio Caroline Racing  car. The weather was really foggy driving up to the venue but once inside, it turned out warm and sunny. David had completed his practice lap with a respectable time which he was very happy with. We had a nice chat with his wife and friends who were racing other cars. Rob and I then made our way to the Kentagon for some coffee and lunch which David kindly treated us to. Once we had finished lunch and made our way outside to the circuit we discovered that thick fog had come out of nowhere making the circuit barely visible. Sadly the race was then called off due to the weather conditions, so we never got to see the car in action, but all agreed that we had had a brilliant day anyway. David said that he would keep us posted when he races next season so we will look forward to that.


Pictures Click Below


New Caroline Supporters' Group, Southampton Video

June 2015 regular meeting of the Radio Caroline Supporters' Group, Southampton, UK.

Featuring DJ-Engineers James Kaye and Martin Fisher who helped keep the (very worn) equipment going in the 1970's Mi Amigo days. Without them, you would have listened to silence!

Plus updates on the Ross Revenge (Caroline's radio ship) from Alan Beech (at 29 mins 14 secs. Also introducing new presenter John Ellery. View video HERE

Ross Revenge now has a Defibrillator

Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of premature death but with immediate treatment many lives can be saved. It occurs because the electrical rhythm that controls the heart is replaced by chaotic disorganised electrical rhythm. The quicker this can be treated by defibrillation the greater the chance that the patient can be saved. Defibrillators are very effective and easy to use and they are designed to be used by lay persons, the machines guide the operator by verbal instruction and visual prompts.


They are safe and will not allow a shock to be given unless the hearts rhythm requires it. They are also designed to be stored for long periods without use and require very little routing maintenance. With Radio Caroline's ship the Ross Revenge, like any ship at sea the emergency services are unlikely to arrive quickly enough to resuscitate the ships crew or visitors, so it is very important to have the best first aid equipment available.


A defibrillator is part of the equipment that we now have thanks to our generous supporters Steve and Ann Swallow. We are also very grateful to the visitors at our latest Southampton support group meeting who helped us to raise money to buy additional medical and safety equipment for the Ross Revenge.

The Maldon Town Regatta

On possibly the last outing of 2015 the Caroline's sales team were at The Maldon Town Regatta at Promenade Park, Maldon, Essex on Sat September 19th. With model boat sailing, fun races, Shanty singers entertainment and good weather it was a great day out.

Amongst it all was the Caroline sales stall (pictured) with Caroline DJs Ray Clark. Martin Fisher and sales staff Albert Hood and Roland Beaney and busy looking after the stall Georgina Hood.

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Brightlingsea and Bradwell events..

On the 23rd August 'Bella' the Radio Caroline Outside Broadcast facility, built in to a historic VW Camper Van was at the Brightlingsea Classic Car Show.


 On Thursday 27th August the WW2 Bradwell airfield was honoured with displays and a commemoration of the airmen who flew out from this front line field, never to return. On the river a Spitfire and Hurrican aircraft circled the area.  We were also there with our merchandise table.


Also the Viking Saga departed Maldon at 10.30 on the 29th August to sail around the Ross Revenge at her mooring in the River Blackwater.

For latest photos click below (More added 4th Sept)

Radio Caroline at Brightlingsea Regatta & Boat Show

Radio Caroline had a stand at this year's Brightlingsea Regatta & Boat Show on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July at the spacious Waterside Marina. It was a beautiful day on the Saturday and many people came up to share their memories of the station with us and buy some merchandise that we had on display.


It was also a good opportunity to tell them that the station was still on the air and many were surprised when we told them that our ship, the Ross Revenge was anchored nearby on the River Blackwater. Although the weather turned bad on the Sunday it was a great weekend and we are very grateful for the hospitality we received from everyone at Brightlingsea.


In the picture are Roland Beaney, Lee Shuttlewood, Albert and Georgina Hood , Martin Fisher and Chris Pearson.


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Four more past interviews with Martin Fisher, Martin Turner, John Brocks and Eric Wiltsher's story..

Martin Fisher Interview...


Where and when were you born? In Chelmsford Essex a long time ago.


Where do you live now? In the house I built a few years back, in a lovely Essex village just a couple of miles out of Chelmsford, a place with some real radio heritage, not far from the location of the UK’s first radio broadcasting station, 2MT – Writtle.


What is your favourite part of the country? Well apart from Essex, and Kent where I also spend a lot of time, I love the rest of East Anglia, Suffolk and Norfolk, and I suppose further a field my favourite part of the UK would be North Wales – Snowdonia. ...


Visitors to the Ross

Recently a pod of whales swam up the River Blackwater past the Ross Revenge. Thanks to Nick we have a picture of them in front of the Ross. They seem to have found their way back into open sea now.


Waverley sails around the Ross...

Last year the Paddle Steamer Waverley sailed around the Ross Revenge at its new location on the River Blackwater. We now have a couple of new photos of the two ships together. See link below

Click thumbnails below for photos..

Radio Caroline now in the USA..

Los Angeles, Calif. - Legendary music station Radio Caroline that defied the British government to bring rock and roll to the UK and sparked the Swinging Sixties launches in the U.S.A. today.


Still leading the way in innovation, in an industry first, Radio Caroline is rolling out new apps on Tuesday Jan. 20 that remove the time difference and enable American fans to listen to the station's output from breakfast throughout the day and into the evening in either Eastern Standard Time or Pacific Standard Time.


It's the first time that a British radio station has synched its output for the East Coast and the West Coast of America with its flagship breakfast show originating in Los Angeles. Now listeners on both coasts can start their day with the breakfast show with Tony Paul from 7 to 9 a.m. and hear the rest of the station's output from the U.K. around the clock.


 After 50 years on the air, Caroline remains true to its heritage with real personalities playing the music of the rock and roll generations up to the present day and helping break the best new artists.


Apps for iOS and Android are now available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play and the apps are free!


“The British station with the American name soon became recognized as a symbol of rebellion the world over.” New York Times, April 3, 2011.


 Named after President John F. Kennedy's daughter, Radio Caroline began broadcasting in 1964 from two ships anchored off the coast of Britain in international waters.


At a time when Britain's official broadcaster the BBC refused to play the music young people were clamoring to hear, pirate DJs lived on board the boats and rocked and rolled in defiance of The Establishment, playing songs by The Who, the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and other now iconic bands.


Endorsing the book “The Ship That Rocked the World,” Pete Townshend of The Who is quoted as saying: “Without Caroline, we would not have sold a single record.”


The story inspired the Hollywood movie “Pirate Radio,” starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rhys Ifans, Bill Nighy, Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson, which was written and directed by Richard Curtis, a longtime Radio Caroline fan.


The station still has one of the “boats that rocked,” the “Ross Revenge,” now restored and anchored just off the coast of southeastern England.


A feature documentary about the history of Radio Caroline is currently in production in the U.S. and U.K. and features interviews with Roger Daltrey, Mick Fleetwood, Donovan, Olivia Harrison, Richard Branson and original DJs including Johnnie Walker and Tom Lodge.


Source "Media Info"

Manx Radio onboard the Ross Revenge

Whilst onboard the Ross Revenge on November 7th Marc Tyley of Manx Radio took a few photos to mark the occasion. Photos include Chris Williams, Alan Turner, Peter Moore, Keith Stimpson and various parts of the "Ross"


Alan Turner interview..


A great guy who was on Caroline in the very early days was Alan Turner. Alan is pictured in the Radio Caroline studio on Friday 7th November being interviewed by Steve Anthony.(See YouTube Video) Alan was on board the Caroline ship during the historic voyage around the coast to the Isle of Man back in 1965 and he spoke about this voyage.

The Isle of Man radio station Manx Radio are doing joint programmes with Radio Caroline to celebrate two events that happened in 1964 heralding a new era in broadcasting that was to have lasting repercussions in broadcasting and Alan Turner was part of this.

 Exactly 50 years ago the BBC’s monopoly was challenged by two events

:- the opening of the first British land based commercial radio station – Manx Radio in the Isle of Man

:- the advent of offshore commercial radio – Radio Caroline based on a ship anchored in international waters.

Stay tuned to Radio Caroline or Manx radio for this historical link up that will include lots of exciting programmes from both stations and another interview with Alan Turner.

Manx Radio Website

Manx Radio on the Ross Revenge

Manx Radio took their popular sixties programme ‘Carnaby Street’ on to the legendary Radio Caroline Ship, the Ross Revenge. This is a video diary of the making of the programme. Chris Williams and Marc Tyley were on board from the 8th to the 9th of November 2014. Presented by Chris Williams and film directed by Marc Tyley. See YouTube Video

Ross Revenge now in River Blackwater

After spending ten years at Tilbury the MV Ross Revenge has now moved to her new home, moored on the River Blackwater near Bradwell.  Many people have said how magnificent she looked as she came out of Tilbury docks and moved into the Thames. For a few minutes the tide caught her (see video 2) and it seemed that she wanted to go towards London but the tug  GPS Avenger soon had her moving out towards the Estuary and she passed Southend and headed towards Harwich. After turning round she spent part of the night with her tug off Clacton and Walton near where she spent many years back in the mid 1980s. This morning Friday 1st August she settled down in her new mooring and all was completed by 10:25am. Well done to all the people that have spent many hours of exhausting work on the ship in Tilbury and it was a great achievement to get the ship through all the safety checks so that she could leave Tilbury.

Northfleet Harbour Restoration Trust, Video 1

Northfleet Harbour Restoration Trust, Video 2

Radio Caroline North RSL

Caroline North RSL 2014

Caroline North RSL click thumbnails for photos


Radio Caroline North is currently broadcasting on a 28 day RSL to celebrate 50 years since the station first went on the air.  A group of presenters and enthusiasts have got an RSL licence to broadcast to Liverpool on 87.7FM. The service is being run from on board the former lightship LV23 in Liverpool's Albert Dock, and is open to the public daily from 10am to 6pm through until April 27th. . Organiser John Dwyer said “We felt it was important to acknowledge the Golden Jubilee but at the same time celebrate our station, Caroline North, whose part in the Swinging Sixties is often overlooked. “While we wont be on air for the anniversary of the start of Caroline on 28th March which was actually Easter Saturday in 1964 and since Caroline is the Queen of the airwaves there is no reason why she should not have two birthdays and why we should not celebrate her Official Birthday over the Easter weekend. Facebook Page



It was Easter Bank Holiday full of pirate radio stars!

Tony Prince was on Caroline North! He did a show on Easter Sunday between 12 and 3pm ...then.... The Emperor Rosko,  did a show at Midday on Easter Monday.

Howard Copitch talks to guests and presenters, Podcast Click Here

For Emperor Rosco and Tony Prince Podcast Click Here

Caroline North is fundraising for the Alzheimer's Society at Justgiving Please Help


Walton on the Naze Event photos from Chris Mould HERE

Walton on the Naze


Julian Wellings video of above event

50th anniversary video now released.

There's also a special bonus video at the end featuring The Honeycombs gig (No 19 0n playlist). Hope you like it!

Click HERE



Radioday 2014 photos from Theo Bakker  HERE RadioDay 2014

Corn Exchange RochesterRadio Caroline's 50th birthday bash

Its 50 years since Radio Caroline first started broadcasting music around the clock and before then radio was very different to what it is today. To mark this outstanding achievement the station had a day of celebration at the Corn Exchange in Rochester, Kent  It all started at 10am with Peter Antony broadcasting live from a studio built within the complex  Hundreds of people began arriving and soon the main hall was full up with people watching Roger Day introduce the first panel discussing the 1960s era. Panels discussing the 1970s  and the 1980s  took place during the day with DJs from each decade telling interesting stories and sharing their memories with the large audience. It was nice to meet so many current DJs and staff from the station and legends from the past and it was an event I will never forget. There was further audio from the party during the course of the afternoon going out on a separate internet stream. After a break at 5pm Charlie Dore entertained us and featured the Pirates of the airwaves song that later became an anthem for the station. (Listen Here  No 9 on playlist).  The evening finished with the Counterfeit Beatles that got people dancing until late. Thanks to Andrew Austin and his team who worked so hard over the last few months to make it so successful.

Christopher Mould and Steve Szmidt's excellent Photos here..

Party bash report from Christopher Mould

With the sun shining, Marie and I left home at 1100 hours on Friday, driving down to Northampton where we picked up Steve Szmidt.  After a short tea break, we set off for Kent.  Fortunately, traffic on the M1 and M25 flowed well, and we reached Rochester around 1500 hours, where Marie and I checked into the Premier Inn, located around 2 miles outside the town, on the other side of the river.  It was a nice, clean, modern hotel, with friendly staff.  Even Marie was perfectly happy with our room, on the first floor, offering a view over the river towards the town.  From there we went across the road to McDonalds - which was considerably cheaper and better quality, that the meal we recently had in Burger King at Birmingham Airport.  Next, we drove Steve to his B&B, in the centre of Rochester.  While there, we did a little sightseeing.  At sunset, we went back to the Premier Inn, by which time Rick & Debbie had arrived from Lowestoft.  After freshening up, we again drove into town and picked up Steve.  The 5 of us managed to squeeze into my little Ford Puma, and we went to the Kings Arms, Upnor, a recommended food and real ale pub 3 miles away, which served home-cooked food.  I had a nice Steak, Mushroom and Ale pie, washed down with a couple of pints of ales.  Marie then acted as taxi driver, taking us back to our hotels.

Saturday morning, we met up with Rick & Debbie at 0830, and had a large breakfast together in the Premier Inn (cereal, yogurt, fruit, full English fry-up, toast & marmalade).  Then we drove, once more, into Rochester, finding a car park at a reasonable price.  Rick and Debbie, plus Steve and I, headed to the Radio Caroline 50th birthday party at the Corn Exchange, while Marie went shopping and sightseeing in the attractive old town.  Just after 1030 we booked into the convention, which had a capacity audience of 300 people.  There were quite a few I recognised - staff and supporters - although I found it hard putting names to faces.  No doubt all will become clear, when reports and photos hit the internet!  Had a brief chat with Albert & Georgina Hood, plus Roland Beaney from the Southampton Group, and Mandy from Radio Seagull.  Bought a souvenir programme, but didn't bother with a T-Shirt or other merchandise.  Upstairs, in the main hall, I met up with Roger Day, who was comparing the day's events.  Chatted with a couple of other people, before the first presentation got underway at 1130.  This was all about Radio Caroline in the 60's.  A number of guests, from both Caroline North and Caroline South (I'll think of the names later!) were interviewed by Roger, and given the opportunity to talk of those days.  I did actually wonder if any of the big names, such as Johnny Walker or Tony Blackburn would turn up, but they didn't.  Unsurprisingly, Ronan wasn't there - He is living in Ireland and mentally too frail, these days.  This interesting session, including questions & answers, lasted 1.5 hours.  At 1300 hours, there was a break for lunch.  The 4 of us decided to head for a local pub for light refreshments.  I called Marie, and she came to join us.  An hour later, Marie again went off to do her own thing, while Rick, Debbie, Steve and I went back to the Corn Exchange.  The afternoon session kicked off with an hour about Radio Caroline in the 70's.  This was hosted by Bob Lawrence, and featured such names as Tom Anderson, Brian Martin, Stevie Gordon, and - one of my favourites from that era - Mike Stevens.  A lot of the talk was around the difficulties tendering and maintaining the ship, in those days, plus the subsequent sinking of the Mi Amigo.  At 1500 hours we moved on to the 1980's.  This time, Peter Philips was the host.  It was only at that point I noticed his American wife, Carol, in the audience, so I went and sat by her.  We first met when I was working on Caroline, where we got along well, and I hadn't seen her for over 10 years.  On stage, Peter (or Graham, as I know him) interviewed Tom Anderson (again!) plus Dave Richards, Nigel Harris, and a couple of others whose names also escape me right now.  Oh, one was Tommy Rivers from Laser 558.  An hour later, the 3 hosts from each era - Roger, Bob and Peter - all got together for a chat, and to take questions from the floor.  1700 hours soon arrived, and that was the end of presentations.  There was a 2.5 hour break before the evening entertainment.  We persuaded Roger Day to come to the pub with us.  Well, he didn't need much persuading, the only problem was getting away, as everyone wanted to speak with him!  We eventually escaped, and walked to a local real ale pub (Coopers Arms) where Marie again joined us.  It was good to catch up with Roger, as I hadn't seen him for 5 years, but he could only stay for one pint as he had to take the train home to Maidstone.  After he left, we took a walk along the High Street, looking for a place to eat, choosing another pub where I had scampi & chips.

Shortly before 2000 hours, we walked back to the Corn Exchange, and this time Marie came with us.  Charlie Dore had started her set, but it was hard to gain access to the room, which was packed.  So we stood in the doorway and listened, eventually drifting off to the bar, before returning to hear a special rendition of "Pilot of the Airwaves".  Marie and I then met up with Carol and Graham, having a good chat with them.  They left for home in Sandwich, Kent, shortly after the Counterfeit Beatles started their set.  They were reasonably entertaining, but a bit of a cabaret act.  The evening came to an end at 2300 hours, when we had a chat with a couple who had come over from California to attend the party!  Before leaving, we helped David Esp pack away all his video recording equipment. Steve then walked back to his B&B, while Marie fetched the car, driving Rick, Debbie and I back to the Premier Inn.  It had been a good day.  I only wish I had spotted, or recognised, more people!  Steve found Mark Dezzani and Andrew Austin, amongst others, but I missed these guests – along with Johnny Lewis, who was there for part of the day.  A noticeable absence was Chicago.  I’m surprised he never made an appearance.

After a good night's sleep, we met Rick & Debbie for breakfast at 0900 hours, also chatting to a few other guests who had attended the convention - Quite a few coming over from Holland.  Albert & Georgina were also in our hotel.  Rick & Debbie then headed off, while we checked out and drove to pick up Steve.  It was a beautiful day, so we decided to walk around the town, taking pictures of the castle, cathedral and Victorian bridge.  Then we drove back to the Midlands, stopping for afternoon tea & cake with Steve & Jill in Northampton.  At 1800 hours, we reached home and the end of a hectic, but very pleasant and memorable, weekend.

Caroline returnee visits the Ross

Unfortunately due to all the work taking place on board the Ross Revenge at the moment we can’t have many visitors. But recently Ed Nuhfer a regular listener to the station at home in Burbank, California visited the UK for the first time since 1964 so we couldn’t resist showing him around. He found the station on a tour of Europe back in 1964 while trying to find Radio Veronica. He thought the station had closed many years ago but found us again on the Internet and started listening again. Keep listening Ed and tell all your friends. Ed can be seen in the photo about to walk the plank!  PHOTO HERE

Photos of the Ross Revenge in Queenboro' & Southend

Steve Worrell a staunch Radio Caroline supporter has kindly sent in some interesting photos of the Ross Revenge taken during RSL's at Queenborough (2002) and Southend (1998). One photo includes Tony Allan with Steve's wife Lynda. There is also one of Pandora with a gentleman we hope you can help us name


<< Click thumbnail for photos

Clive Garrard visits the Emperor

Rosko who was a DJ on Caroline in the 60s and went on to work on various radio stations around the world including the BBC  is seen here with Caroline DJ Clive Garrard in Los Angeles recently. It was listening to Rosko that  made Clive decide to become a DJ and remains his hero today. Also pictured is Ray Robinson who accompanied Clive.

Click thumbnail to enlarge


Mini Caroline "Ships"

One of Caroline’s faithful listeners, Ron Hubbert commonly called narrowboat Ron, is the proud owner of a  narrowboat called "Caroline" complete with bell.

Tommy Gerrard also has his own boat on a canal in Cheshire. Tommy is seen doing a bit of "rust bashing" on his boat which has the same name as Caroline's old ship Mi Amigo. But it looks like there is a bit of piratical activity going on as he finds another canal boat with the same name as our famous station and it also has its own mast proudly reaching for the sky. He is now looking forward to meeting the owner of this other vessel.

Click thumbnails to enlarge

"Smart" televisions

A "Smart" television is either a television set with integrated internet capabilities or a set top box for television that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary or basic television. The term is also used to describe devices such as mobile phones that have these capabilities. You can stream content from video on demand services such as Netflix, catch up services from BBC IPlayer, watch web sites such as YouTube and stream live TV and radio. You can have a full HD picture watch Freeview, Freesat, have USB connectivity to watch files stored on your computer. Read More.


Tug boat Challenger 1990
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Message from Tony Lake (doughnut)


Hi There,   Some of your group maybe aware of the Tug Boat Challenge that is now in Southampton? There is a big link to offshore Radio of the 1960s, in that she helped to tow all of the Sea Forts into place in WW2. She is the Tug in the picture of the Twin Legged Mansell Fort, I have been part of a team who have spent their Saturdays in Shoreham helping to put it back to sea. She is now next to the Shieldhall in Southampton Docks.  Back in 1990 I was lucky or unlucky to spend 5 weeks on the Ross Revenge on the North Sea. and then worked on her in Dover and then Blackwater, Regards Tony Lake (doughnut)    

The Irish PPI Radio Hall of Fame

The PPI Radio Awards Committee in Ireland recently announced the establishment of a "Hall of Fame" category. The prestigious honour recognises individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to radio in Ireland both North and South and is decided upon by the Radio Awards Committee, representing both public and commercial broadcasters on the island of Ireland.

Ronan O’Rahilly of Radio Caroline fame, along with a further three individuals were inducted at the PPI Radio Awards Gala event in Lyrath Estate Hotel, Kilkenny, on Friday October 12th


Southampton Radio Caroline Supporters Group

Visit to the Ross Revenge in 1986

n 1986 members of the Southampton Supporters Group went to visit the Ross Revenge in the North Sea. Armed with a couple of VHS video cameras they recorded the journey and videoed quite a few DJ's in action. Dj's on board included Tony Christian and Peter Philips. Members who went included Bill Smith, David Webb and David Williams. The VHS tapes have now been digitised and available on YouTube. Many thanks to David Webb for the recordings. Warning, its nearly one hour long.

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Rosko with Clive Garrard's book


Ray Robinson, Roland and Nigel Pearson


Ray Robinson, Steve Tuffill and Roland


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Roland Beaney in the USA

I hear the words, “Radio Caroline, are they still going” so many times that it makes me wonder why so many people still don’t realise that Radio Caroline is still broadcasting around the world using modern technology. On a recent trip to Los Angeles I met several supporters that still listen to the station but it was while my my baggage was being searched at Heathrow airport that I met the first person that somehow missed the news that Caroline is still broadcasting. Seeing a book written by the Emperor Rosko in my baggage that I was taking over to California to get autographed for Clive Garrard and then seeing my Radio Caroline cap prompted the helpful official to ask me that same question. Obviously I gave him all the details so that he could tune in and find out what he had been missing for so many years.

A big Caroline supporter in Los Angeles, Ray Robinson had invited me over to meet a few of the many supporters living on the West Coast of the States and so I decided to take pen, paper and laptop over to write some articles for Horizon magazine. My first meeting was with the Emperor Rosko and when we arrived he was just finishing off recording one of his many shows that he still produces for radio stations around the world. He had an excellent studio at his home complete with a bell that he claimed was his Caroline bell. We went off to lunch with him and I recorded our conversation on my laptop while we ate lunch so that I could get some material for an article in Horizon magazine.

Our next meeting was with Ed Nuhfer who was delighted when we gave him the title of “honorary anorak” “No higher an appointment can be made! Not even by HRH!!! I am honoured!!” he told us.

We then met another Caroline supporter Steve Tuffill who told us about how he became involved with Radio Sutch that broadcast from a fort in the Thames estuary and his involvement with the Radio Caroline rally with Simon Dee and Ronan O'Rahilly.

Then we met Nigel Pearson who has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes for Caroline especially with the Easter fundraising events. Ray also took me to the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas where we drove across the Mojave desert listening to Caroline on the internet with no mobile towers in site but nothing beats meeting Caroline supporters to chat about our favourite station. Thanks to Ray Robinson for setting it all up for me and looking after me for my visit and thanks to Rosko, Ed, Steve, and Nigel for finding the time to meet and chat about their memories of Caroline... Roland

Surrey Anoraks Society

Just to let you know that the Surrey Anorak's Society (formerly the Caroline Movement East Surrey Branch) still meets on the first Tuesday of every month. The new venue is the Toby Inn & Carvery, Redstone Hill, Surrey, RH1 4BL from 8.30pm.  Venue on Google

Ken James ran this branch from 84-90. They met at the Home Cottage pub near Redhill railway station. Regular attendees included Graham Foy, Geoff Rogers, Ray Adams, Sue Buckle, Richard Buckle (Jackson), Gabe (Steve) Conway, Benny James and Dennis Jason. Happy days! Any queries, get in touch with Ken. email:- 

The meetings have been held every month since January 1985. A chance to have a drink, meet old friends or new and talk about radio. Meet old land based pirate DJs, and a few of the crew of Susy Radio - Reigate and Redhill community radio).

They produce their own newsletter SAS Interference (formerly the SAS Home Pages.

The SAS now has its own website    Info from Graham Foy and Ken James

Harry makes the news...

from the Sunday Times By Jonathan Leake and Jack Grimston 15 August 2010

From pirates to poltergeists. A ghost called Harry has apparently been haunting a ship that once housed Radio Caroline, the illegal pop music station. The spirit is said to have been seen flitting upstairs and has been blamed for pranks such as tapping crew members on the shoulder and stealing their tea.

The antics have been reported by enthusiasts restoring the MV Ross Revenge, from where Radio Caroline made its final offshore broadcast in 1990. The ghost stories have been logged by Kimberley Peters, a researcher at Royal Holloway, London University, who will present her findings next month to the Royal Geographical Society.

One crew member told Peters: "I've had several encounters with Harry. My first one goes back to 2004. Having finished work, we were sitting in the studio having a beer when we heard footsteps.

"I looked up just in time to see someone coming round the landing and going round the next set of stairs to the bridge. When we went to investigate, no one was there and downstairs the doors were still bolted."

Peters believes the hauntings could be a psychological reaction driven by the nostalgia of the restorers for the ship's history. "I cannot say whether such ghostly experiences were real, but they were real enough for the crew members who experienced them," said Peters. "Underlying it is a very real sense of seeing apparitions, conveying something else, like lost heritage."

How to build a AM Frame / Loop Aerial


The picture shows a design for an aerial that was very popular in Radio Caroline's AM days when they were broadcasting from the North Sea and it pulled in a good signal over a wide area.

How to build a Frame / Loop Aerial

This aerial replaces the long wire and is very compact and and can conveniently sit next to the radio and as long as the radio has its own built in ferrite rod aerial, no connections to the set are needed. It is directional and after tuning in the aerial, it can moved in different directions to cancel out interference.

Materials needed

6 ft of 1 and a quarter inch timber 100 ft of single plastic coated wire 1 x 400pf variable tuning capacitor 8 large rubber door stops screws, wire clips and solder


Cut timber into two lengths of 25 inches and four lengths of 5 inches and assemble the frame as per the drawing. Where the wire goes round the corners cut 16 evenly spaced grooves (17 on the corner where the wire starts and finishes) the wire must start and finish on the same corner.

Tack the start of the wire onto the frame and start winding it on, keeping each turn nice and tight. When you have 16 turns of wire on the frame bring the wire back down the same leg you started on and make secure with tacks.

Solder the two ends of wire onto the two terminals of the tuning capacitor, it does not matter which one goes where just as long as they are well soldered.

The capacitor should be fixed with araldite or similar in the corner.

Fix the rubber feet as on the diagram.

The aerial is now ready for use. Try different positions for the frame as all sets have their ferrite rods aerials in different places.

Good luck with this, we would appreciate any comments on the construction.



Ross Revenge Restoration Crew Members past & present

Crispin Bardsley Mandy Marton Peter Woods .Theo Bakker
Lawrence Scordellis Fleur Nooteboom Richard Kuttschreutter Alan Beech
Kim Peters Lee Shuttlewood Roland Beaney Tommy Gerrard
Graham Coull Howard Coppitch Steve Essex Phil Meek
Harry Neill Scudder Cliff Osborne Keith Ashford
Peter Anderson John Cronnolley Achim Woellgens Steve Dack
Jeremy Chartham David Noakes Robert Hodges Rod Davis

Tim Charles Peter Clayton CE Stuart Coleman Dave Lockyer
Denis Sharp Chris Durrant Kim Jim Smith

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Lots of old photos and info about ROMSEY in Hampshire


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