Old Romsey railways

Many thanks to Richard Courage, Neil Kearns and Andrew Moody for many of the photos


Crampmoor steam train

Photo 1

Steam loco - 70013 OLIVER CROMWELL passes Crampmoor 30th May 2009

with a return excursion , 1Z83 - 17.34 Bristol Temple Meads - Poole.


Crampmoor train 1980

Photo 2

Crompton type 3 - No 33027 passes Crampmoor with the 14.10

Portsmouth Harbour - Cardiff train - 12th Oct 1980


Crampmoor rail crossing

Photo 3

A westbound empty stone train passing Crampmoor Crossing

hauled by a class 56 locomotive


Photo 4  

92203 Black Prince east of Crampmoor on 13-05-1973


Photo 5

92203 Black Prince east of Crampmoor on 13-05-1973


Photo 6


Photo 7

Crampmoor Crossing May 1972 - we have the Eastleigh breakdown

crane working to remove derailed wagons of the 20.15 Salisbury to

Eastleigh freight - photo taken from Crampmoor lane.


Crampmoor Railway derail

Photo 8

Another view taken from Green Lane as the heavy lift crane picks up a

 Vanfit that derailed from the 20.15 Salisbury - Eastleigh freight. May 1972 .


Photo 9

Aftermath of the above photos. The derailment just east of

Crampmoor Crossing May 1972. Halterworth down distant signal post to

 the right, believe it was a stone train that derailed.


Photo 10

Hampshire DEMU climbs the bank east of Crampmoor Crossing

with a Romsey - Eastleigh service - summer 1969


Crampmoor rail crossing

Photo 11

View of Crampmoor Crossing looking SE across the fields ,

with a Hampshire DEMU passing from Eastleigh to Romsey.

The crossing keepers house is on the right with the small hut on the left,

next to the gates that served as a shelter for relief signalmen who

tended the gates when the crossing keeper was off duty.


Halterworth Romsey steam train

Photo 12

Rebuilt West Country class steam locomotive approaches Halterworth

down distant signal at danger, running light engine from Eastleigh to Salisbury


Railway Crampmoor

Photo 13

BR standard class 5 heads tender first to Eastleigh with a return work mans

train past Halterworth & heads for Crampmoor Crossing

Photo 14

An Eastleigh bound local DEMU passes Crampmoor Crossing ,

the L/H house in the picture is where the crossing keeper lived.

Taken in 1968 a year before the end of passenger service.

Service was reinstated in later years.

Crampmoor, Romsey train

Photo 15

The 17.05 Eastleigh - Bristol class 7 freight is passing Crampmoor Crossing

with Halterworth down distant signal in the 'OFF' position meaning the gates

at Halterworth are open for trains.


Photo 16
The crossing keeper is Mrs. Ingrams and the picture was taken after late
 1972 after the Down Line (to Romsey) had been lifted.

Photo 17

Crampmoor Crossing with Mrs Noyce the crossing keeper, c1880