Old Romsey railways

Many thanks to Richard Courage, Neil Kearns and Andrew Moody for many of the photos

Romsey 2

Photo 1

Summer Mystex excursion from South Wales to the South Coast taking the Southampton line at Romsey, led by Brush type 4 D1829. These excursions were popular for a few years with the passengers not knowing their destination , hence Mystex ...


Photo 2

DEMU passing Romsey Signal Box, Oct 10th 1980


Romsey with signal box

Photo 3

We have Hampshire DEMU heading to Eastleigh past the box - looking east ,

the box still has its Southern Railway - green, name boards , as well.


Exeter to Brighter train via Romsey

Photo 4

The afternoon Exeter to Brighton through train passes Romsey signal box ( behind the train ) and takes the Redbridge line hauled by double headed Crompton diesels - photo taken from the down yard

Photo 5

Viewed from the Romsey Signal Box a return South Coast to South Wales Mystex excursion comes off the Eastleigh line past the down main inner home signal & heads west.This Brush type 4 locomotive has an experimental headcode setup - black letters on a white background.


Romsey Train

Photo 6

A Portsmouth-Cardiff through train passes Romsey Signal box & passes the down branch inner home signal off the branch from Redbridge hauled by a WR Hymek diesel loco


Photo 7

Hampshire DEMU # 1114 takes the route to Eastleigh as seen from Romsey signal box. This was taken after passenger service had ceased - it was running empty stock from Salisbury

Snow on tracks Romsey 1971

Photo 8

January 1st 1971 - snow on the ground - we have the first train of the day from Portsmouth- Salisbury arriving at Romsey off the Redbridge line making its own tracks.

Romsey train snow

Photo 9

1st January 1971 finds the first through train of the day from Cardiff to Portsmouth going through a snowstorm at Romsey. The train hauled by a WR 'Hymek' diesel is about to take the Redbridge branch as it passes Romsey signal box.


Romsey Railway 1971

Photo 10

6 car Hampshire DEMU led by unit 1103 leaves Romsey with a local service from Salisbury - Portsmouth via Redbridge in the snow of 1971

Photo 11

Another weekend mystery excursion passes Romsey and takes the Eastleigh route to the south coast, led by a Brush type 4 locomotive, this shot is taken looking west out of the Romsey signal box window - 1972

Photo 12

A slight accident in the Romsey Up yard at the west end , an engineers train backed up too far & went through the stop blocks next to Fishlet bridge, the brake van almost went over the edge

Romsey Railways

Photo 13

Another shot of a couple of wagons that derailed when the Guards van went through the stop block at Romsey up yard ( see previous picture )


Photo 14

Here we have some of the wrecked tanks from Fawley to Plymouth  that came to grief at Dunbridge. These were mobile so came to the nearest siding , that being Romsey Up Yard

Photo 15

During the early 70 s weekend resignalling of the Southampton area, mainline trains were diverted from Eastleigh to Southampton via Romsey & Redbridge - here we have a mainline electric REP/TC set up in the down platform at Romsey -ready to reverse. the diesel engine is on the far end out of sight.

Photo 16

Romsey station taken from the signal box. 1973. We have the Westbury to Northam cement train crossing

from the down line to the up & it will reverse into the up yard - line to the right. It was diverted to Romsey yard as Northam could not take it for several hours . It had arrived after passing Romsey over an hour before via Southampton & Redbridge. A most unusual event -hauled by a 'Western' class diesel hydraulic locomotive


Photo 18

Picture of Hampshire DEMU No 1129 in the up platform at Romsey on a service to Eastleigh - summer 1968,  before passenger service withdrawn 5th May 1969. - 44 years ago.


Photo 19

A late evening Cardiff to Portsmouth passenger working led by 'Hymek' diesel locomotive passes the up platform at Romsey about to take the Southampton line at the junction - circa 1969


Photo 20

We have ex Southern Railway S15 No 828 heading through Romsey to Salisbury..circa 1990's with an excursion  


Neil Kearns does slide shows on behalf of ERPS who own 828 and are restoring it at Ropley on the Mid Hants Railway.


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Photo 21

92203 Black Prince at Romsey Signal Box on 13-05-1973


Photo 22

A view of the 19.00 service to Cardiff. This time at the east end of Romsey station . The local from Eastleigh is in the down siding , waiting to cross over to the up platform . The signal box in the background - now preserved in the ex-school grounds. The SCATS building to the right all add to the scene - approx mid 1960's

Romsey train in 1964

Photo 23

Romsey Up Yard:- The local DEMU to Eastleigh sits in the up siding as a WR modified hall class loco heads back to Salisbury & the Western Region ,after bringing a freight from Severn Tunnel Junction to Eastleigh . circa 1964. Malmesbury Rd houses on right


Flying Scotsman

Photo 24

Taken 17th September 1966 - the 'Flying Scotsman goes South' rail tour with Std tanks 80152 & 80016 take the train from Eastleigh- Salisbury and was photographed passing Fishlet bridge Romsey on its way from Eastleigh. It returned later that day, where 4472 Flying Scotsman took over at Eastleigh.

Photo 25

A Cardiff - Portsmouth train passes Romsey in the evening, hauled by a Std class 3 steam loco - a relief porter stands & observes the passing - 1963

Photo 26


Photo 27

Viewed from rear of Malmesbury Rd, Romsey. 1960's


Photo 28

Romsey Station 1884


Photo 29

Romsey Station 1884


Train Romsey 1949

Photo 30

A King Arthur class 4-6-0 , the train is probably a workman's train to terminate at Romsey, then return to Eastleigh, hence running tender first. It will probably form another service when it get s back to Eastleigh -- probably to Bournemouth.

In the photo taken in 1949 you can see the track from Southampton running over the Winchester Rd/Botley Rd bridge with Bridge Rd and Wrynams Garage to the left.  Foreground is the Southampton Rd allotments.


Photo 31

Important visitors to Romsey Station?