Old Romsey railways

Many thanks to Richard Courage, Neil Kearns and Andrew Moody for many of the photos

Romsey 1

Can you Help

Some friends of mine were discussing the fact that some locos on there way to the scrap yard were held in Romsey down yard at one time ,

Andrew Moody writes   "As far as I know the only steam locos that were stored at Romsey  were 34053 Sir Keith Park and 76028, the reason being that on January 11th 1966 34005 was hauling them from Eastleigh to either Salisbury or on towards South Wales when (and this is quoted from the April 1966 Railway Magazine) "Some coupling rods stored in the tender of 34053 hit some bridges near Chandlers Ford, and after some consultation, the locomotives were parked in the east siding at Romsey station near the bridge over the A31" What I can recall is that they both stayed there for at least a month maybe longer. The Railway Magazine quote the standard as 76068 but I am pretty certain it was 76028."   What I was wondering does anyone in your circle have a picture of them at Romsey, we did not get one for various reasons, I'd like to see a shot, no matter the quality .


One of the above trains have now been found (34053) possibly at Eastleigh on a slide by Neil Harvey. See photo below, many thanks Neil, we are still looking for 76028


The 34053 (see notes above) showing the coupling rods in the tender

Signal Box past and present

Romsey Signal Box Restoration Website

Photo 1

Romsey signal box looking east of a return South Coast to South Wales excursion coming off the Eastleigh line..


Photo 2

This shot taken in 1970 shows the block shelf in Romsey Signal Box complete with all instruments as it had been for many years, all were connected & worked - the shelf was rationalised after the line to Eastleigh was singled.


Photo 3

Romsey Signal Box


Photo 4

The lever frame at Romsey Signal Box - taken in 1970 , all the levers were in use - starting from the left side,  Down Halterworth signals , then down Redbridge signals , points & facing point lock, up Redbridge signals & then up Halterworth signals to the right - there are other levers for crossovers & dummy signals as well. All manual signals except WBW1 the outer home from Halterworth , which was electric , working in conjunction with Halterworth's WBV2.

The release for this & the crossovers were electric releases - hence the shorter levers


Photo 5

Taken inside Romsey signal box - we have signalman Ken Sessions working the frame - circa 1974 after the singling of the Eastleigh - Romsey line.

Ken sadly passed away in May 2018.  R.I.P


Romsey signal box 1977

Photo 6

Romsey signal box lever frame & diagram showing the rationalization of instruments and the levers cut down to indicate electric signals - taken 7th August 1977


Romsey Signal Box being moved

Photo 7

Romsey Signal box being lifted from its base into the Junior School field ,  (photographer unknown)


Romsey signal box removal

Photo 8

Dismantling Romsey Signal box just prior to lifting it over the tracks to the Romsey Junior School field


Photo 9

Romsey signal box in its new position in Brickwood Close


Photo 10

150 years of railways in Romsey celebration




Other Romsey  railway photos

Photo 11

Near Tadburn Rd, February 2009


Ashfield railway bridge

Photo 12

Ashfield bridge being rebuilt in April 2012. This was to cater for larger freight.


Romsey Railway Station

Photo 13

Class 158 unit No 158814 sits in the down platform at Romsey waiting to form a service to Southampton via Eastleigh - 29th May 2007 --- guard Andrew Moody ( right) chats with the train guard before departure .


Photo 14

Crompton class 33 - 33114 heads the diverted 09.00 Waterloo - Exeter westbound through Romsey - 11th August 1991


Romsey steam train 1988

Photo 15

Ex LMS 8F 48151 at Romsey station in the up platform with an excursion - 30th June 1988


Romsey Station 1983

Photo 16

RCTS / VSOE Pullman railtour from Victoria to Victoria via Chichester & Romsey back up via Andover passes Romsey led by Electro diesels 73142 & 73129 - 16th April 1983


Romsey railways

Photo 17

EE type 4 50014 'Warspite' passes Romsey box with a diverted 09.45 Exeter - Waterloo on 8th Feb 1981.


Photo 18

Royal Train approaching Romsey on 29th July 1981. For Princess Di honeymoon. I think the exact location is of Lee Lane at Ashfield.



Train Romsey 1980

Photo 19

Brush type 2 No 31422 heads towards Southampton with a cross country train from Bristol, it has just passed Ashfield Road bridge & is near Lee - 14th April 1980



Photo 20

Hampshire DEMU 1101 passes Romsey empty stock for Salisbury off the Eastleigh line -- 20th March 1980


From Ashfield Bridge

Photo 21

Looking north from Ashfield road bridge towards Romsey - showing the approach signals before the line curves towards the signal box & station .


Romsey Railway 1975

Photo 22

We have a Western class 'D1070 Western Chieftan' passing

Greatbridge en-route to Fareham with road stone from Merehead , Somerset - 8th June 1975 .


Romsey railway 1972

Photo 23

This was taken at a building site at the bottom of Hillside Ave, March 1972 - It was just before the change over to electric signals - on the right is the up main advance starter semaphore signal , close to Sun Arch - to the left is the new down main inner home electric signal , with cross to denote not in service , and in the background the down branch inner home signal. This shows the transition to more modern equipment - such is progress , an unusual shot for sure .


Romsey, Hillside Ave railway

Photo 25

Another shot from the building site (see above photo), this time looking east towards Halterworth , with the new electric signal posts without signal heads .


Strongs outing train 1972

Photo 26

Strongs Brewery outing train 1972 outing to Margate - the last before take over by Whitbread. We have SR electric-4CIG 7420 , TLV 68203, 4CIG 7398 and for push power to Southampton, Crompton D6532 The train is moving from the up yard & will back into the station


Strongs train Romsey

Photo 27

Romsey Up Yard' photo of the Strongs train moving out of the yard over the road under the station -- this TLV ( Trailer Luggage Van ) contained all the nectar that would sustain the Strongs employees to Margate & back (aka beer)-- a well known perk of the trips ...


Romsey repair loco

Photo 28

This is the Eastleigh breakdown train passing Romsey station en route back to Eastleigh , think this was taken after the Dunbridge incident with the tanks, photo taken from the down yard - looking west .

Photo 29

The Exeter - Brighton through train passes Romsey signal box when it was loco hauled. Its pulled by a standard Crompton type 3 diesel - this train did not stop at Romsey.

Romsey Ken Sessions

Photo 30

Push/Pull fitted Crompton diesel pushes a Waterloo - Bournemouth train away from Romsey towards Redbridge under the guidance of signalman Ken Sessions during diversions from the mainline.

Romsey railway

Photo 31

Romsey diversions:- Signalman Ken Sessions is hand signalman for the day of mainline diversions via Romsey. This was necessary at the crossover from the down line to the up, as the crossover was not fitted with a facing point lock - as required for passenger work - hence Ken had to clip & lock the points manually, then give the hand signal to proceed.

Photo 32

Hampshire unit departs Romsey headed to Eastleigh as Crompton ( class 33 ) waits on the down road to follow it, once the DEMU clears the section to Halterworth. Photo taken during weekend diversions due to work on the mainline.

Exeter to Hastings train at Romsey

Photo 33

The Exeter to Brighton through train formed for 'Hastings ' DEMU stock led by 1037 passes Romsey station & takes the Redbridge line to its next stop at Southampton Central.


14638 A diverted car train, 0858 Halewood to Southampton Eastern Docks

hauled by DB Cargo 66182 5 February 2017